Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Ways of being

Sometimes I laugh a lot
Sometimes I trip along quite happily, with a slight uneasiness hovering around.
Sometimes grief sneaks up and catches me unawares. 
Sometimes I actively invite grief in.

Mostly I am fine 

All of the above are perfectly acceptable ways of being.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Random garden pickings

I love the bloom on red cabbage leaves - and those delicate veins tracing their way into every part of the surface - and how the water rolls around like silver glass beads. It's almost poetry.

These tomatoes are growing so abundantly. The branches are weighed down with fruits. I've never had such a good crop. They are just starting to show some colour too.

You know how you have a memorable meal - one that you conjure up in your mind when you are hungry? That "desert island dish" that sustains and nourishes you by just remembering it? Mine was about 15 years ago in the old cafeteria in the Louvre Museum, Paris. Chips, slices of ham and green beans turned in butter with garlic. There may have been a sauce, but those garlicky beans - oh yes...

Strawberries are where it all began. In my grandfather's garden. He had a vast strawberry patch - actually it probably wasn't that huge, but I remember it that way.  The taste of stolen sun warmed berries is my first garden memory. That and curly parsley.

I was very taken by the cheeky wee faces of these osteospermums nodding in the breeze. It's nice to grow things that make you smile. 

I have an ever expanding clump of elecampane down by the gate. I always forget about it until suddenly I see a thousand tiny suns glowing in the corner. The flower buds are so cool - they look as if they are about to spiral outwards into space and form galaxies and planetary systems, which I guess is essentially what happens. There is something very elemental about elecampane...


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