Monday, August 17, 2015

Summer postcards


We had such a good time in Edinburgh, catching up with family, and seeing those familiar sights. Now we are back home - back to school and trying to find our new routine - just me and the boy.  I've been quite sad this week - the business of the summer holidays are over, leaving me with much more time to think. Its fine - I am fine, and I need to feel these things. I'm making plans for a few changes, nothing drastic, just moving things around a bit - making things a bit easier to manage on my own. I am still trying to practice gratitude and find a moment of joy every day - even on the hardest ones.

James waits for the school bus to arrive - how grown up and tall he suddenly looks! He is such a great boy, and I am thankful for him.

We become so used to the long daylight hours here, during the summertime, so it is nice to welcome back the starry skies,(however blurry the photograph...)

I am enjoying my early morning walks around the garden. The dahlia's are blooming now and every morning there is a new flower to admire.

I had a lovely surprise gift in the mail, from dear friend and fellow blogger San. She knitted this beautiful shawl just for me, because she said it was the nearest thing to a hug she could give - and there is a prayer worked into it too. How sweet and kind it that? How can I fail when there is such love in my world?

The good thing about school starting on a Thursday is that it is only two days until the weekend. Having been rushing around in the big city, then straight back to school on our return, we felt like just lazing around, so we had a quiet weekend filled with Lego projects and TV movies.

Nutmeg spiced oatmeal with raspberries, brambles, maple syrup and thick cream might not have passed my grandfather's definition of true Scots porridge, but it certainly was a delicious start to the morning.

And sometimes cars breakdown unexpectedly, and if you have to wait for roadside assistance, it helps to have an amazing view to keep you occupied. even better when a kind and helpful neighbour happens by and gets you back on the road more quickly.

So, here we are - slowly feeling our way through these days. Over these busy summer months, I have disabled the comments and it is still summer - I don't go for this autumn in August idea - and in fact our weather has been warmer this week than it was in June and July. Thank you for dropping by and I hope you are enjoying the season, wherever you are. xxx


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