Saturday, August 1, 2015

On my table.

On my kitchen table today:

Mug of builder's brew

iPhone (love)


Filofax.  I gave this to John for Christmas a few years ago, from here. I am finding it an incredibly useful administrative aide, now that I only have my own, somewhat chaotic mind to rely on, and do you know- I actually quite
enjoy the feeling of being that bit more organised.

Crochet project - I am slowly working on a giant granny square throw for the sitting room, but I am not quite sure I am loving the colours. Hopefully this brighter yellow shade will pep it up, and there is a light orangey yarn to go in somehwere along the line. I'll keep going for now, and see how it turn out.

A fruit bowl containing a ripe melon, that really needs to be eaten, an apple and a nectarine.

3 containers of homemade chicken stock, cooling down for the freezer.

 A couple of autumn bulb catalogues  (here and here) - I love how there is always the next season to    plan for and dream about.

A new book. Forgotten Ways for Modern Days, by Rachel Blondel, whose lovely blog is here. I  had been seeing this pop up on various online places, but thought I had seen it all before. After reading several reviews, however, I decided to treat myself (why not?). I am glad I did. There are so many original and accessible ideas in this book that have really inspired me. The floor cleaner and multi-purpose spray are first on my list. I have all the stuff - so no excuse!

I was lucky enough to procure a copy of the Dottie Angel frock pattern the other day. It has been sitting there, on the table, since it arrived. It on my list of projects to do when the schools go back in a couple of weeks - its even written into the filofax. Check out #dottieangelfrock on Instagram to see all the wonderful versions of this pattern.

There are couple of pieces of fabric, which I am planning to use to jazz up a plain orange apron, by adding a large contrasting pocket. Thanks to Jacquie at Bunny Mummy for the inspiration. 

My poor old Nikon is sitting forlornly at the end of the table there, It used to be such an essential piece of kit wherever I went, but nowadays, the iPhone meets most of my photographic needs. It is on the table to remind me that it is there, and to please give it a go now and again.

I just bought a new packet of clothes pegs at the Co-op. These "hurricane force" recycled pegs are really good at keeping the washing on the line in high winds - and, living here - I should know...

Under the pegs is a sympathy card I received a couple of days ago, from a former colleague of John's.  He had only recently heard about my husband's  passing, and he wrote such a lovely message. I always used to think sympathy cards were a bit morbid, but really and truly they are such a comfort. I treasure each one.

So - yes, it's a bit cluttered today, this table of mine, but it's good clutter, lots of interesting bits and pieces to keep me going - and, of course there is always room for another cup.

Over these summer months, I have disabled the comments, but thank you for visiting xxx

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