Sunday, June 28, 2015

Seven Days

I am moving slowly, happy if I achieve one practical thing each day, whether it is decluttering a drawer, dealing with some paperwork, running an errand or whatever. I am also trying to find one moment of blessing each day - something that brings peace or joy. This week I am grateful for

:: A quiet spot to sit

:: Sparkling fresh herring done in oatmeal with new potatoes

:: Some trashy TV

:: The end of term and goodbye to a special teacher with a beautiful card from the children

:: Colourful flags in the harbour

:: Surprise visitor

:: A candid snap of me, by James, which I quite like.

Wishing you moments of blessing in the seven days ahead.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Seven Days

Living quietly, enjoying tiny glimpses of sunshine - there may be a summer yet! Good food, a little crafting and some list making - with coffee and salted caramel brownie on the side, and some early morning chess games have featured in my days this week. But then a tumble resulting in a sprained ankle served as a timely reminder that those lists might have been getting a bit too long... and so I am being still - I am just being still- honestly...

Saturday, June 13, 2015

The kindness of others


I have been so deeply touched by the kindness of others towards us during these last few weeks. We have received many gifts, cards and messages. We are truly blessed to have so many thoughtful people in our lives. And flowers - oh the flowers... Friends have called round, bringing love, cake, pizza, jam and sweet smelling oils, and I came home one evening to find my fridge filled with home cooked, freezable meals.My heart is full from this amazing outpouring of love we have received. Thank you all, for every word, gift and deed.

We have been living quietly, one day at a time, as they say. After the funeral, we came down with colds and coughs, not really surprising, but a reminder that after such a busy and stressful time, we have to really slow down and care for ourselves. We dosed ourselves on this delicious remedy, nourished ourselves with proper chicken soup, oh - and  ate more cake (it's the law).

Feeling a little better, and with a long overdue improvement in the weather, I decided to visit John's graveside for the first time. He is buried in a very familiar and beautiful spot, and now I have a real connection with that place. Later I wandered down to the beach with my flask of coffee and new crochet project, and sat listening to the comforting sound of the endless waves crashing on to the shore. Yes -just one day at a time... xx


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