Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sunday Reflection

But Jesus immediately said to them: "Take courage. It is I. Don't be afraid"
Matthew 14:27

I've always liked the story of Jesus, walking on the water. As his friends struggled against the waves that suddenly blew up, he comes gliding over to them - the very image is calming. It's one of those passages which has something new for me, every time I read it. 
We've been in some stormy seas recently, as I wrote in my last post, and I have felt myself sinking at times. But then I seem to find the strength I need to get to get to the surface. The Lord puts out his hand and says "it is I - don't be afraid. His hand can come from a friendly word and a hug from a friend, the thoughtfulness of a neighbour, a kind and loving comment left on the blog from someone I've never met. It is in the prayers of the many over the world that I know are praying for us, and I am not afraid. 
Jesus told the disciples to get into the boat and cross to the other side ahead of him. That meant he would meet them there and they would cross safely. But then this unexpected storm blew up and caused them to struggle. They panicked, they doubted, they were scared and probably wondered just what on earth they were doing. Then, just before the dawn - that darkest of hours, He came to them and calmed their fears.
 And so, for me too, it has been those panicky, doubting, how did I get here ,  moments that I have truly felt God's loving presence most. 

Wishing you a blessed week. xx


  1. Much love Jacqui and praying your week is filled with beauty!

  2. Dear Jacqui, this Sunday Reflection is so filled with beauty, wisdom, love, and generosity.

    Yes, the more that we think about certain Bible passages, the more we can take into our own lives.

    May this week treat you and your family well. More light every day, new green signals arriving from the earth, new birds singing. Sharing the value of each day enriches all our lives.


  3. Hello Jacqui, Isaiah 26:3 May you find comfort hope and peace in this promise. Love and prayers Tricia xx

  4. I too am struggling with the ill health of my Dad, so your post today lifted me spirits. I thank you for that.

  5. May your pathway this week have lots of peaceful and serene moments of upliftment to help you along your journey.
    {a big hug} x

  6. Here have a virtual Hug from Margate
    XXX Don

  7. many many years ago a friend gave me the scripture Isiah 26: 3 to lean on during a very difficult time.
    God says he will never leave us and it is true-yes people you will never meet are praying for you and your family

    er leave

  8. I'm sorry for the sadness and pain you're experiencing right now. Your beautiful faith is going to get you through this. I'm praying for your husband's recovery, and will call upon others to remember him their prayers as well. xoxo

  9. Bless you, I read something this week that said (and I paraphrase) 'Faith has no room for fear' which, when I reflected on, made total sense to me, I hope it might help you in some small way xx


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