Saturday, March 14, 2015

Seven Days

It's been a quick week - and another stormy one too, but there have been special in between moments that I want to remember.

::  A brisk walk along the beach, dodging   the hail showers.

:: A surprise gift of a hot stone massage, from a dear friend who took me there, did my shopping and came back for me, (she also gave me enough warning so that I didn't wear the baggy knickers 😶)

:: Being outside.

:: Happy that a recipe idea worked out (later)

:: Earlier sunrises 

:: Knitting at the airport 

:: Getting my husband home from hospital, and lunching outside on a gloriously warm spring day.

Wishing you all a precious seven days ahead. xx


  1. love the baggy knickers comment!!! Eating outside looks great, still too cold here to do that.

  2. Lovely moments to remember, and getting hubby home and lunch in the sun are the est by far :)

  3. what a lovely gift from your friend! had to giggle at the knickers bit....;)

    of course, getting John home trumps even the loveliest of things....xoxo

  4. a week of lovely happenings jacqui, and bless, you ended the post with the best for last. xox

  5. so happy he is home once again! lovely photos of your week :)

  6. So glad John is home again :). Lovely photos, have a good week.

  7. Such beautiful photos. John looks like he's feeling better, thankfully. : ) Have a wonderful day!! xo

    ~ Wendy


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