Thursday, March 12, 2015

Around the croft

 I planted some spring bulbs on the grassy bank around the outside of the gate, and am so pleased that they are beginning to show.  I love seeing these little dots of colour, and marvel each time at how they have made it through this stormy winter. Not everything is looking so spring-like though...

...but we will draw a veil over the shredded polytunnel, the overgrown uncleared beds, the garlic shooting up from last year's unharvested cloves, and the wind-strewn debris scattered all over the place. Gloss over the fact that nothing has been planted or sown, and everything is all a little dispiriting. Yes, let's move on from the devastation of winter.

The primula are flowering

I have springtime on my window sill.

And there was one beautifully warm Tuesday, when I was able to dig out the deck chair and drink my first outdoor cup of tea this year. It was so uplifting sitting there in the sunshine, making plans for the new season. With the departure of the livestock, growing will be the focus of the croft work this year, and so plans and ideas will revolve around that aspect. The new cover for the polytunnel has been delivered, this year's seeds and tubers have arrived,  I am planning to put another, more convenient gate into that fence, and convert the cattle trailer into a garden shed, of sorts. I am enjoying this book, oh - and have ordered this one too. Who knows what will grow in this year's garden, but we can only try again, one seed at a time. xx


  1. I hope to get started in my garden today, I always marvel how quickly you can turn the look of devastation around to something quite beautiful in a short space of time.

  2. It looks so cold and barren right now, but soon the green will start coming up. In this past year of living in Puerto Rico, I've longed for the cold quite a few times. Not having distinct seasons is hard to give up.

  3. A little spring sunshine, your chair looks very inviting.

  4. spring is coming yeah! here on the east coast of usa we have had so much snow. I am so thankful just to see some pebbles and dirt on the driveway. Still so much ice I am afraid to walk down the hill to get the mail. Just need to hang in there. Thank you for the beautiful pictures

  5. We still have snow here on the Canadian prairies, but each and every day we lose a little more snow, gain a little more sunshine. Roll on spring! We have lots to clean up after the winter too, sand from them sanding the roads, branches and twigs from winds and heavy snow, but that's ok - time to start the garden plans too! Have a lovely day.

  6. Jacqui, that sunshiny chair looks like a great place for tea and some garden planning. Lovely.

    It's just beginning to warm up a bit over here, and yesterday I did take a Central Park walk to see what was what over there. The blog I've posted show CP looking much colder than it actually felt. I think that we will also be seeing some more spring promise in a day or two.


  7. Spring will come as sure as eggs is eggs. It is so uplifting to see the first signs and sitting
    outside in the sunshine ( with a cuppa of course! ) is a treat. I took my coffee outside today
    and just listened to the birds sing, oh my! did my soul good!

  8. We were looking at our garden with the little dots of colour and decided to cut the lawn for the first time this year - what a difference that made, spring is banging on the door once more!

  9. Thank you for the wee tour. It sounds like you have some wonderful plans for the year :). I do hope John is doing ok?

  10. Isn't it good how much better we feel after a day of sun, even cool early spring sun, sitting outside, seeing some colour and flowers at last and making tentative plans for the coming year? We have been battered by winds and rain for what seems forever but not to the extent you have.

  11. Wasn't tuesday lovely. Oh, I hope that's the end of winter! Next week looks pretty good. x

  12. it looks like there's a beam of celestial light shining on your deck chair!!!

    how i love -- and look forward to -- that first cuppa outside. *sigh*. soon, enough i suppose. every sunny day above freezing we lose a bit more snow...

    but yes, let us draw a quiet curtain over the winter clean-up - ack! :)


  13. I'm at the opposite end of the country from you - in Cornwall, on the edge of Bodmin Moor. We have had a real chilly wind for weeks now, but last week, there was one day of sunshine, blue skies and no wind at all. It was heavenly - and yes! I also enjoyed sitting outside with a cappuccino and a book. I even dozed in the chair, enjoying the sunshine on my face; the birds were singing and my Collie was enjoying lying on the lawn, one eye half open. Some of the snowdrops are going over now, but many clumps are hanging on in there along with the daffodils, primroses, hellebores, camellia, and a very pretty purple-flowering shrub - I only moved recently so every day brings another lovely surprise in the garden and I look forward to the summer to see what else is planted here.

    1. Oh having a new to you garden is very exciting. Hope you find lots of treasure there xx


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