Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Holiday Postcards: Skye

We hopped on the ferry and took a quick trip down to Skye to visit  the delightful Miss Breagha, and her Mum and Dad. It was a perfect break - just hanging out, enjoying each other's company, and the scenery. John and I even managed to celebrate Valentine's night with a romantic dinner at this lovely hotel. Back home now, suitably refreshed, but missing those little girl cuddles.


  1. Jacqui, your postcards from Skye have raised my own spirits on yet another freezing cold NYC day, when venturing outdoors won't bring much joy. Only groceries...and of course, groceries are not so back, after all.


  2. What a delightful little girl! She looks like a little handful in the making. Long live spirited little girls.

  3. Aww, what a gorgeous post so full of love and family x

  4. So many smiles and enjoyment, along with beautiful scenery! Skye certainly has the most amazing skies!! x

  5. What a darling pic of the wee one and her Papa! Beautiful time, keep the memories fondly in your heart! :)

  6. Thank you all. Breagha is a wee character - full of fun xxx


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