Thursday, October 23, 2014

Tattie Holidays


Back in the day, this long October midterm break was known as the Tattie Holiday, as children were given time off to help with the potato harvest. Times change, and nowadays, we take things a bit easier. The Autumn holiday has become a chance to catch a last blast of sunshine and fresh air before the Winter sets in. Last year, at this time we took a trip down to London, but this holiday was spent at home. John still had his final cycle of chemotherapy to undergo, and travel plans are not really an option for us right now - times change...

But still, I was blessed with the visit of two dear friends and their boys. It was absolutely magical time. We did some touring around, ate out a lot, visited beaches, watched our boys play, while we three Mamas chatted and laughed, knitted, and laughed some more. Such balm for the soul - and even the weather conspired to keep them on the island for longer, giving us time for one more lunch out, one more day of their precious company.


  1. Sometimes a "stay-cation" is just as wonderful as going abroad. Everyone looks relaxed and happy. As always, your photos are wonderful. The photo on the beach is so beautiful with the green hills in the background. I know that you're so used to your surroundings but I have to tell you how wonderful it is to see them. Absolutely beautiful. So different from mine here in New York. It's beautiful here for sure but in a different way. As always, my thought and prayers are with your family and your husband. God bless. xoxo

    ~ Wendy

  2. Looks like an idyllic break with friends making some wonderful memories. Hoping all is as good as it can be with you husband.

  3. Such simple pleasures with friends can bring us the most wonderful comfort, what a lovely way to spend the Tattie Holidays and give you some happy fun memories to savour over the darker winter weeks.
    Wishing your husband well and you the strength and support that is needed to accompany him along this pathway.

  4. What a wonderful way to spend your holidays. I hope the last round of chemo is successful and means you can start thinking about your future.

  5. Your photos are gorgeous, and I love that the weather conspired to keep you and your friends together just a wee bit longer. I love the idea of being stranded on a beautiful island. Best wishes to you all, I hope you are nearing the end of this particular journey.

  6. Rocks are my love language, I nearly wept at the beauty of the stones and rockery in your photos: breathtaking!
    Visiting your part of the world, storms and all, is on my wish list.
    Thank you for sharing.
    I continue to offer prayers for you and your sweet family.

  7. I love rocks too! Which beach has those gorgeous red ones? So glad you were able to relax and enjoy your company.

  8. Jacqui, I loved learning the reason for a Tattie Holiday. I very much enjoyed seeing your marvelous photographs of your family's updated version of a TH.

    The simple joy of being relaxed on an open shore with the sky above...rather wonderful to my eye.


  9. Nothing beats a visit from a good friend(s). So good for the soul. You are all in my prayers as you journey on. Take care.

  10. Balm for the soul for sure. Lovely pictures.

  11. Gorgeous photos and soul friends who love you in the present moment are priceless. Prayers that this last cycle of chemo goes well and that you all manage some much needed peace and quiet.

    San xx

  12. I'm so glad you have had friends with which to share your beautiful home and island. Keeping you all in my prayers. Xox


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