Friday, August 22, 2014

Cloud spotting

Sharing a moment that I want to remember. No words, just a single special image. Joining in with Soulemama for This Moment. Wishing you all a beautiful weekend xx

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Last days of Summer

The heather is blooming now, turning the hillsides into a haze of purple. It's a lovely sight, but a sure sign that Autumn is on the horizon.

The school holidays are over again, although we enjoyed the very last evening on our favourite beach.

We also managed to pick some of the brambles growing down by the shore, before the birds finished them off - so we have some tiny jars of blackberry jelly!

We've been eating fresh salad from the polytunnel every day...

... and the tomatoes are beginning to ripen. Slowly, mind you, but still, it's more than I had expected.

The vegetable garden has been pretty much neglected this year - I lost two lots of seedlings while we were on the mainland for John's hospital treatments, and the raised beds have become choked with weeds. Ah well - nothing else for it but to begin again - slowly - one spadeful at a time. I am pleased to have been able to put a few crops in the ground, at least - and there is always another season...

I've been developing a herb plot near the house, and I am pleased with how it is turning out. The hens also like to hang out under the trees here, so some protection is needed from foraging chooks.

In other news - we have sold the cattle. It was a hard decision, as they have been such a  well-loved part of our lives here. But looking ahead, realistically, it is unlikely John will be able to get back to active crofting, and looking after them involves a lot of work - particularly in the Winter. With a heavy heart, I put them up for sale, and within the week a deal was done. Happily, they are going to be part of a new Dexter herd in another part of Scotland, where the grass is lush and the Winters are kinder.

 The sheep too, will be going for sale next month. Another hard decision, but better for us and for them at this time. It is not what we planned at all, but this is where we are right now.

So - our focus is on the cancer treatment - the next cycle of chemotherapy is in a few days time. We don't know what the eventual outcome will be, and whether livestock will feature again in our lives, but - its not a bad place to be while we wait... xx

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Life right now

It's a bit of an uphill struggle right now, to be honest. John has started his chemotherapy, and while the nursing staff in the unit are just wonderful, the treatment itself is harsh - a strange paradox of killing and healing. The side effects are beginning to kick in and are pretty unpleasant for him. We'll get there, and of course we are trying to focus on the healing element ...

Thanks again for all you wishes and prayers for us. It seems such an inadequate phrase, but please know it comes from the heart. xx


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