Sunday, May 4, 2014

Seven Days

Such a lovely start to the week - glad to be outdoors as much as I could. We had such a dry spell that the cattle needed watering more often - and they certainly let me know about it. The weather turned wetter midweek, as we headed over to Stornoway to see the Channel 4 news programme being broadcast - and we were on telly! Sadly it was all prearranged, so I didn't get to speak, but at least my visual message went out.*

We were doing a bit of dogsitting for our neighbour - Buster is a great dog - so friendly and playful. He likes a game of football and actually chases sticks! A great novelty for us, as Mick doesn't do play. Oh, and I made the absolute best butternut squash soup and cheese croutons from this recipe. Friday was a day off school and it was sunny and warm - off to the beach - where else? yay!
And, finally, another arrival down in the sheep field - a fine big ewe lamb.

Wishing you all a great seven days ahead. xx

* I am planning to write up my thoughts about the news programme and other Referendum issues on The Independence Diaries.


  1. I think Buster and Lilly would be great friends, Lilly is a stick chaser too!
    You have a great week too.

  2. Your son looks so blissfully happy in that photo! Love seeing your week :)

  3. What wonderful pictures of your week. I love the one of your wee boy on the beach he looks like a happy man!

  4. Beautiful! Lovely to get a glimpse of your world.

  5. The lamb is so cute. I love the spots.

  6. Yes, love the pic of James on the beach-warm days ahead!!


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