Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Around the croft

We've been home for a couple of weeks now - so lots of catching up to do on the work we have missed. Lambing has begun - late, I know, but we knew we were going away, so planned the tupping accordingly. I noticed on Monday evening that one of the ewes had not come for her evening feed, so took a wee wander down the croft to find her just licking off the second of her newly born twins. They are a lovely wee pair - brother and sister, and are doing well. The rest of the lambing will hopefully go as smoothly.

When we were away, our crazy broody hen finally managed to hatch and rear a chick - just one from seven or eight eggs she had been sitting on, but still. It's fun to watch the two of them bustling around, and see the chick learn how to forage and scratch by watching it's mother.

I had put off sowing any seeds until after the trip, but a welcome spell of sunny weather has encouraged some record germination. Already there are several trays of seedlings in the polytunnel. I couldn't resist some good looking trays of calabrese and cauliflower plants from a local grower too, so these should give me a head start. I'm aiming to try out a hot bed for some of the outdoor sowings too, so I'll let you know how that goes.

The flowers are blooming - bulbs and primroses popping up everywhere, and the bluebells are budding, but this beautiful tulip is growing in James's garden, so full credit to him for that.

So much to do as the days get busier. Unfortunately, John has had a lot of back pain, which he is having investigated, so it has curtailed his activities quite a bit - and mine to in a way. We are getting by, though, and there is plenty of help we can call on if we need to.

Anyway - life is still good, and we have many blessings to count. Saying that - its probably time to walk down and see if there are any more lambs in the field. xx


  1. You have babies! They are adorable Jacqui. Glad you had a grand time on your trip and I'm glad you're home save and sound.
    I hope John's back is well soon.
    Happy planting.

  2. Oh those twins are adorable! I've just posted about sheep and lambs on the islands this spring. That tulip is really incredible. Is it a mutation, or is it meant to have as many petals as a cabbage? Lovely in either case. Sending good wishes for healing for John's back.

  3. Beautiful post. Hope John's back is nothing too serious.

  4. That is what I always say, "Life is good". It doesn't mean it is a picnic all the time, but life is good.
    It's a lovely post for today !!

  5. Lovely signs of new life!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  6. hope is back is okay! love your wee little chick :) Glad you are home and enjoying the ordinary days.


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