Thursday, March 13, 2014

What I am making.

I made fennel liqueur. Last August I filled a litre kilner jar with herb fennel from the garden, and topped it up with vodka. It infused for three months and the fennel liquor was mixed with a sugar syrup and left to mature for another few months. It is the most gloriously spicy, herby, warming drink you could imagine. Perfect for after-dinner sipping

I am still making this ripple blanket. It is very much a famine or feast sort of project - either I am working on it every night, or it is bundled away out of the road and forgotten. Just now it is back in progress - a row added here and there as I get a chance. I think I am probably 15-20 stripes away from it being the size I want before I attempt a border.

I am making lots of things with eggs.

I am making a tunic top in grey linen, using the pattern from here

I am making Summer plans.

I am making this cardigan

and I am making a new blog, to contain my views on the Independence Referendum. It is such an important and historic time for us, in Scotland, as we look towards September, and I want to make my own comments on the process. I have decided to create a new space for those musings; It is still very much in its early stages - only 2 posts and one is copied from here, but  I very much hope you will visit me there, as well as here. x


  1. fennel liquer looks incredible :) x

  2. Fennel liquor looks and sounds perfect.
    And I really like the look of that ripple blanket. I do the same with my large projects, All or Nothing. :)
    Shall have a look at your independence blog, I to be honest still haven't decided what I shall be voting...

  3. The fennel liqueur sounds amazing and your ripply blanket is very pretty. I might have a half finished blanket somewhere in the back of a cupboard, must look!

  4. You have had a busy week and I love seeing all you are creating Jacqui. Life is good.

    Lot of egg eating here too.

  5. Beautiful and inspiring creations as always.

    I too am watching the referendum with interest from just over the border. I envy Scotland their position as we are unlikely to have such an opportunity we often feel so far from Westminster, although not as far as you, in so many ways it is frustrating!

  6. you are a busy lady! love what you have going on in your life. I do love your passion in politics and I've learned so much through your blog-being an american there is NO coverage over what you opine on. Sad but true!!

    Gray is my favorite new color!

  7. It's been fun to see all the varied projects you've got underway. Having lots of interests really does add so much to our days, weeks, years, lives. Or so I think!

    I will definitely be visiting your other blog, and look forward to finding out a bit more about the issues leading to that September election. Many thanks for setting up the site.


  8. I so very much enjoy your blog. My late husband and I visited Scotland in the fall of 1991 and we were taken with the beauty of your country. So much vast space and so many beautiful places. Your pictures remind me of the drive we took from Ft. William all the way to Edinburgh. Thank you for bringing back sweet memories of a beautiful trip. I am from the South in the states and your countryside is so beautiful. Thank you again.

  9. Fennel liqueur sounds like a wonderful thing! I'm impressed by your ripple blanket - I can't imagine wrestling with anything so big it might cover a bed (although I harbour a desire to crochet a similar bedspread - something rather relaxing about crocheting a ripple).

  10. What a busy lady you are!! That blanket is so beautiful!! I'm looking forward to reading that new blog of yours. You are such a wonderful writer and I can tell everything always comes from your heart!! xoxo

    ~ Wendy

  11. Wow, you are juggling a lot of projects like a pro! Did you really make that blanket? I tried knitting once and couldn't sit still for long enough to make anything beyond a pretty short scarf. You are very talented!


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