Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Under the Sun: January 2014

Dawn: Jan 2014

Dawn: December; November; October: September

Noon: January 2014

Noon: December; November; October; September

Sunset: January 2014

Sunset: December; November; October; September

We are well past the shortest day now, and the days are noticeably longer. A whole 50 minutes longer today! The biggest difference is in the time of the sunset, which is happening around 4.10 pm this week. This means that the evenings are still light at around 5 o'clock. Sunrise is a bit slower to catch up - this morning it rose at around 9 am, 12 minutes earlier than on the solstice. 

I'm not sure if taking the photos around the house gives the best idea of the sun's journey, to be honest - you need to know the landmarks, like the telegraph pole and the white house, in the sunrise pictures, and the position of the houses across the street at sunset. Hopefully it gives a little insight - I will finish this series in May, when the sun will be well round to the North again, and start a new year, from a different location in June.


  1. May I tell you again how much I am appreciating this series of photographs of where our earth has been next to our sun, month by month. I treasure these photographs that have such resonance.

    Your deep winter charcoal grey clouded noon photos take me right to many of Blake's paintings. Another way to think about the meaning of time.

    Before I click on that blue Publish button, I also want to thank you so much for your spiritual postings. I am not sure that I would have been able to stay quiet (well, truly, I would have been quiet) during the sermon that your visiting minister gave last Sunday.

    Your posts really do stretch my mind and spirit. Thank you! xo

  2. What a wonderful way of marking time and the seasons. That promise of light really is important especially during the grey days, just like Him and the peace and light offered to us if we ask His company on our pilgrim journey.

    Have a good Wednesday

    San xx

  3. It is interesting to compare from the same viewpoint.

    The extra light will be really noticeable from Feb 25 or thereabouts. It will be welcome!!

  4. I love January because of the daylight slowly returning! Soon I'll be able to resume my after dinner walks :)

  5. Following your sun in your pictures is fun. Next time, please says how many hours of sunlight you are now having, and what do you pack in on the sunlight time outside on your croft. Thank you.

  6. Oh, you must be lucky. I saw the sun the last time on Sunday. Here in Germany, near Frankfurt it is only raining.
    Thanks for showing us the photos with the sun.

  7. We've been having a run of cloudy mornings, so it's very nice to see your sun! I have noticed that the days are stretching out, light-wise, and I'm starting to dream of spring.


  8. I feel the light returning too! I'm not having to use the head torch every day to walk to dogs or tend to the horses which makes me so happy :)


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