Monday, December 2, 2013

Advent Journey - On Waiting

Our living room window looks out over the back of the house - down the croft and out to the village. We are quite high up and have a good view of the main road as it comes over from Stornoway or Harris and heads North past the school and on to the coast beyond.
From this window we watch and wait. James looks out for his Dad returning from town, and if we are expecting visitors, or a delivery, we can look out from here. We can see when the school bus is leaving the next village and know how long we have to put on coats and shoes and be out at the gate. From this window we have observed the animals, waited for lambs and calves to be born, and watched the weather change.

Yet - waiting is not something we do well - especially at this time of year. So much frantic rushing around - stores open all hours, internet ordering late in the night, shops bursting at the seams with must-have gadgets, piles and piles of food. Everything is just so accessible.  Children are completely accustomed to instant shopping - "Just google it, Mum!" my son informs me. We can't wait - and if we have to, we do it impatiently, feeling stressed if the delivery van doesn't arrive the next day. I know this feeling - having waited less than graciously on more than a few occasions.

But - Christmas isn't just about struggling through December and collapsing in a heap on the 25th. I remember one year, my sister and nephew came home from Canada for a surprise visit. I had no idea they were arriving until I saw them sitting on our parent's sofa. I was absolutely delighted to see them, of course, but also bewildered, confused and feeling I had missed something. It was the looking forward to their visit - the excitement at seeing them after a couple of years.  So, Advent, then.  is the joyful anticipation of a longed for arrival.
As we move inwards along the spiral, towards the Light, we can reflect on where we are in our own journey. How different are we this year? What has shaped us - what have we learned? It can be scary walking in our own shadow, but,  it is in the darkness that seeds begin to germinate. We can ponder these things - perhaps standing in the checkout queue, watching for the postman, sitting in a traffic jam - wherever we are - let us rejoice in our waiting.


  1. I am always blessed by your photos, but I love the images you invoke here with your words - spiralling toward the Light, walking in our own shadow, rejoicing in our waiting. Really resonates with my journey too. Thank you.

  2. How beautifully you've expressed thoughts that I stumble to collect in my own mind at this time of year.

    Many thanks!

  3. A beautiful post. We were talking about waiting in queues yesterday in work and some of us use this as reflection time whereas others are very impatient. I like queues especially when you get to meet someone next in line and can have a good natter to wile away the time. Everything is in so much abundance now and everyone wants things NOW. As my daughter would say 'Chillax, and take the weight of your feet' x

  4. Our front window overlooks the road and my dog will go and look out waiting for my husband to come home after work, in the exact same position as your son! Don't you find that the anticipation of anything is sweeter than the actual thing, be it a trip, a gift. Love how the excitement builds up :)

  5. Lovely and perfectly stated, thank you! Over here in America, we are so pressured during this time of year-I love your path because it's the opposite: retreating, savoring, waiting, reflecting on what is important in life.

  6. What a great post , and a great view , I'd never move from that window xx

  7. Thank you for your comments - I so appreciate them. I didn't expect i would be writing so many words - thinking a picture would speak for me. What do I know...;)

  8. So beautifully written!!!! Very very beautiful post!
    I think that everyone should read it!

  9. A nice post and effective use of the photo. Feel like I am there.


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