Friday, December 6, 2013

Advent Journey: Stillness

The land is frozen today - the air is cold and crisp, and my footsteps crunch on the frost as I go about my various chores. The storms of the last few days have abated - the howling winds have calmed  down and  the silence is almost deafening. Everything seems suspended in the stillness.

It's easy to get stuck at this time of year. Overwhelmed by work, lists, tasks and expectations. It is hard to see how we can stop - even for a moment, but however much we try to move on - we can't. We keep finding ourselves back at the same point, time after time. Being stuck is not the same as being still - being stuck can be a noisy frantic place. 

In the midst of this tumult, then, pause just for a moment. Close out the jingle bells and flashing lights - and be still. Feel that calm after the storm - feel God's presence in your heart. He is where you are.


  1. What a beautiful post. Although I cannot quite remember how it was that I found the map or link, I am so fortunate to have found the way to your place. Every visit shows me a way of life that is very different from the life I live in New York City...and yet a way of life that seems very familiar.

    Many thanks! xo

  2. lovely....we had a winter storm come through yesterday (nothing compared to what you have---but because ours are so rare--no one is prepared/no one knows how to cope!) and we're still experiencing that 'stillness'; it's rare in this hectic world/rarer at this crazy time of year. I cherish it.

  3. I'm so enjoying your advent posts - just what I need right now. You're right, it's so easy to become overwhelmed and miss that calm small voice. Helen x

  4. early this morning I was crunching away hoping to not slip on the ice. I was successful :) Lovely photo!


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