Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Advent Journey: On Perseverance

It's been a long hard day, and now it's late. I had a lot of quite heavy work to do at both ends of the day, rushing around in between - fielding some unexpected demands. Emotionally it was hard too, as I spent time saying goodbye to my next- door neighbour who moved away today. I know we all have days like this, but we get there in the end. We persevere - we keep going forward in the face of difficulties.
If we look back over our lives and think about the various obstacles we have confronted and clambered over - it is amazing just how far we have come! 
I've been thinking about the journey of Mary and Joseph -  stepping out in Faith and persevering together throughout the many dangers and tribulations they were to face. They trusted in God, He helped them through, and The Saviour was born. 
As we move further into these short midwinter days, I find the extra demands of the season, as well as the everyday tasks I need to do, overwhelming at times. Taking time out to read, reflect and pray is hard to do - its a long twisty road, this Advent path.  Oh - but you know, when I think of where this journey is leading, and who is walking with me,  it's worth persevering. God will be with us soon.


  1. It's always sad when we have to bid farewell to a friend, I hope the new people who come along bring as much joy and happiness as your old friend did, and maybe something different and wonderful too. What's that old saying 'a change is as good as a rest' - I hope it is for you.

  2. Perseverance may be my next Advent post, using Isaiah chapter 11. Thanks for the reminder.

    Just keep on keeping on, things tend to look up.

    1. I look forward to that, Nancy - although I look forward to the days of Isaiah 11 too xx

  3. A beautiful post and I do hope that your new neighbour is as equally lovely as your previous one. Perseverance is the one trait that wins through every time. xx

  4. Thanks everyone - my new neighbours are turning the house into a holiday let - so maybe you can all come and visit!


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