Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Advent Journey: On Hope


Christmas preparations have had a different dimension for me this year. There has been the usual shopping, decorating, wrapping kind of thing going on, but with only three of us at home this time, it's been much more low key than normal. Now, here I am, on Christmas Eve, with everything ready for a fairly relaxed day tomorrow.
Yet, I feel different about it all tonight. Yes it is lovely sitting here in the candle light, warmed by the fire, but the glow I am feeling is not from this. As I have walked this path, I have become more aware of who God is, and what he means in my life. I have really understood the power of the Nativity story as if for the first time. "And The Word became flesh and lived among us" is, in my opinion, the most thrilling verse ever written. When I think that Jesus was born into this world, for me. He ministered to me, and he suffered and died because of me. He became like me, so that I could become like Him. Words cannot express the awe that I feel thinking of this. This is what Christmas really means. So now, as I stand in the centre of that spiral path, I turn to face the Light, and I know that Jesus will always be with me and He will guide me on and on as we spiral back out again. The journey here will never be finished, and I am guessing I might have many more stops and starts as I go. But at this moment, as Christ approaches, I am filled with Hope, as I reach out for His Hand once more.


  1. Wishing you all the Joy, Wonder, and Blessings of Christmas!

  2. Thank you for your wonderful thoughts during this season. It was incredible journey and it was an honor to be your companion.
    Merry Christmas!

  3. Thank you for sharing your Advent Journey. Merry Christmas, Jacqui, my dear sweet blogging friend...

  4. Once again much to ponder, please would you consider grouping these posts and placing them on the sidebar for easy future reference? Your words carried such beauty and eloquence, God's spirit was moving deep within you for sure.

    Many blessings to you dear friend this Christmas time and in the forthcoming New Year. May you always have fuel for your fire and food in your pantry.

    San and co xxx

    1. Thank you San - I will try to do that. Hope you all had a lovely day and best wishes for 2014 xx

  5. Thanks everyone - wishing all the joy of Christmas and many blessings to you xxx

  6. I agree with the idea of grouping your Advent posts where we can easily go back to them. Advent really can be at any time of year. Thank you again, Jacqui. Your blog has helped me deepen my experience of Christmas. x

  7. Once again I must thank you all for being with me. I am so glad you found something in these posts. I have added a button to the sidebar, if you wish to access them - they are in reverse order, so scroll backwards xx


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