Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Under the Sun - November

November 1st 07:41 hrs

October                                                                 September

November 3rd   Noon

October                                                                         September

November 3rd 16:32 hrs

October                                                                           September 

The Earth keeps turning as we head now into the darkest months. Getting a decent picture was tricky this time as banks of cloud seem to be perched permanently on the horizon.  (Apologies for the rather blurry sunrise too.) I am hoping there are enough landmarks in each image to give you an idea of how far along the sun has moved.
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  1. Such beautiful light-thank you!

  2. that is so cool jacqui, i loved looking at these photos of sun and earth shifting, and i love the spectacular landscapes surrounding you. the blustery photos make me want to knit all day. i would be a terrible crofter. :)

  3. I so enjoy your photos of the beautiful place you live!

  4. I often moan to myself that I don't have very good light conditions on gloomy days to take pictures of my crafting but I didn't even think of being right up north! They are beautiful images though. Jo x

  5. My time for painting gets narrower! I tend to sit doing nothing but watching the sunset, at 4p.m.!

  6. Looks darker and darker, time for tea and knitting!! Who needs to run a farmer, right?

  7. I continue to love seeing your monthly photographic diary of how our earth revolves and rotates, and how the sun continues to be a force to be reckoned with...and a beautiful source of light, too.

    Thank you so very much for this series of photos. I have never before seen anything quite like them, except perhaps in my dreams.


  8. Lovely photos!! I've been taking advantage of the light here in New York while we still have it. Last winter was so dark and dreary and horrible for photo taking. Although I did get some wonderful shots in our local cemeteries. The light was perfect for that!! : ) Have a beautiful day!!

    ~ Wendy

  9. Wow! what a glorious set of photos : ) I especially like the first september one, beautiful colours : )

  10. I long to experience the sun at that angle , it casts an eerie calm beauty and quiet to everything it seems.

  11. Such a simple, but lovely, idea your pictures are beautiful.


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