Sunday, November 3, 2013

Seven Days

Random moments from the last Seven Days.

Visting the art exhibition.
Remembering those we loved
Watching for the school bus
Knitting by the fire
Picnicking on the beach

Time flashes by so quickly and I am glad to  capture these small but precious moments from the last week. Wishing you lots of special moments in the coming Seven Days.


  1. Time does fly...we're just too busy for our own good! Hope to be on your island for the New Year !!

  2. I had Emerson here all weekend and thought several times how much my grandmother would have enjoyed her. Yes, time goes by too quickly for my liking.

  3. i love how you make the effort to reflect and share jacqui, it sounds and looks like a beautiful week. may the next be the same. xoxo

  4. I feel like I have not been able to 'catch up' this week, been too busy. Thank you for your lovely post a reminder to pause and savour.

  5. I love how small everyday things -like watching for the school bus - can be among the most memorable! Wishing you many beautiful moments this week.x

  6. That last photo is precious! I miss my mom and think of her often and what I'd like to share with her.

  7. Beautiful pictures, it really is good to slow down and remember for time does pass by a little too quickly, especially as we get older!

    Did you watch Katie Moragh on the telly? Any idea where it was filmed? Looking at all that beautiful scenery made me want to accost a passing flying carpet and magically appear on the island, with a genie on stand by for the purchase of a croft!!

    Love to you

    San xx

  8. I love the remembering photo. I've done quite a bit of remembering myself this week...maybe the weather or changing seasons is making me nostalgic? I'm not sure, but it's all good.

    Have a good week :) xo

  9. Lovely moments it is good to collect them here for us all to share. Jo x

  10. Very cool little pin and that fire looks relaxing.

  11. I am always grateful for your photos, and the small explanations that add so much. Your "watching for the school bus" looks like a rain-dropped painting...gorgeous.


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