Saturday, November 16, 2013

Colours of my week

As Winter approaches, and the days shorten, the weather has seemed pretty grey and stormy this week . Yet, as I look back over my photographs of the last seven days, I am struck by the beauty of the colours I see there - almost as if I have been drawn to capture the brightest moments.

:: The sea-loch mirrored the pinky-brown skies on a day where the wind blew in from the North.
:: I remembered to pick the vegetables and herbs from the garden before the darkness fell.
:: The shelf underneath the coffee table has been de-cluttered. I so love a tidy surface.
:: James wore pyjamas to school for a fundraising event.
:: Setting the table for a relaxed lunch with friends.
:: I picked the very last of the tomatoes - hoping some of them will ripen on the window sill.
:: Beautiful orange sunset accompanying our work.

I hope your week has been bright and colourful too. xx


  1. I love the colour and the beautiful moments of your week. Jo x

  2. I enjoyed your week in color very much, love the PJ day!!!

  3. I am most impressed with the shelf under the coffee table! I wish too that I could go to work in pyjamas! Lovely pictures Helen x

  4. Such beautiful photos. I love the nesting feeling this time of the year brings up and your photos have captured this so beautifully. We have pajama-wearing fundraisers here in New York, too!! : )

    ~ Wendy

    By the way, I ADORE your polka-dotted table cover!!!!! : )

  5. The simple things are the most precious.

  6. Love the sunset photograph - absolutely beautiful.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  7. There is color everywhere! I've been marveling the browns I see outside and loving that color right now, and I do look good in brown :)

  8. Beautiful colors indeed ! The tablecloth you have is so cute... and James is... is... growing up !

  9. Lovely pics!! What a good idea, to have one for each day of the week :))


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