Sunday, October 27, 2013

Seven Days

Glad to be home and looking at familiar views from the window.

Catching up with the crofting tasks

Enjoying some beautiful pale blue autumn mornings

And the faded grandeur of the flower bed.

A farewell family dinner

Saying goodbye, as Kristine, Daniel and Breagha leave for the mainland. A new and exciting career development for my son-in-law takes them over the sea to the West Highland coast.

Getting ready for Halloween - with a bit of help!

A bittersweet week for us, but busy times ahead, as always. Wishing you all love and joy in the seven days to come. xx


  1. Fabulous photos of special times.
    Thank you for sharing
    Jacquie x

  2. Lovely photos especially that last one which really made me laugh! Goodbyes are never easy but it sounds like an exciting beginning for your son-in-law. Helen x

  3. Yes, the feeling of bittersweet, I am thinking of you this week and sending a big across the pond hug to you.
    Good luck to your son in law and your daughter. Oh, and seeing that beautiful
    sweet baby is such a joy.

  4. Goodbyes are hard especially when they are exciting for some, hope you can find peace.

  5. Love that last shot!

    Goodbyes are always tough ... but how exciting for your daughter's family that they are off on a new adventure :)

  6. the rainbow! love that very much, I am happy that you are happy to be wrapped in homey bliss. It's nice to get back to familiar surroundings.

  7. Lovely pictures as always (especially the last one :) )

  8. Beautiful pics! Best wishes for your goodbyes, autumn tasks and Halloween. ♥

  9. Rainbows and babies! You made my night happy :)

  10. Something very timeless about the boat picture...


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