Friday, October 11, 2013

Postcards from the journey.

Driving to Harris in the dark.
Leaving the island at dawn.
Marvelling at the grandeur  of the Cuillin.
Enjoying the beauty of the still day.
Ben Nevis with a cap of cloud
Crossing the bridge
Relaxing in the hotel.

Another very early start on the second leg of our journey tomorrow - London here we come!


  1. Finlaggan still on the Triangle? Thought IoL was due back yesterday? Hmmm...I know some folk who'll be mighty peeved!
    Have a safe drive south tomorrow and a fantastic trip!

    1. I heard the IoL was coming back to Ullapool in time for the mid morning ferry today. The Finlaggan was very opulent indeed ;)

  2. Have fun, cant wait to see pictures!

  3. You all are off to a spectacularly photogenic start! Hoping that London will welcome you. If I were a city, I know that I would.


  4. How exciting! Have a wonderful visit and safe travels. xo

  5. Hello,
    I (Austrian living in Germany) am a fan of Harris and visited quite often. But can you tell me, where the bridge is?
    London is also a lovely city and hope you enjoy it.
    Kind regards

    1. Hello Braunrelle, thanks for dropping by. The bridge is the Forth Road Bridge which connects Lothian to Fife in the Central Lowlands. The Rail bridge is probably more famous. We are enjoying our time in London, although the pace is quite different :)

  6. oh so exciting! so much gorgeousness there jacqui! enjoy your journey.


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