Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Lots of delicious displays at Borough Market, just North of London Bridge. A perfect day out, taking in the sights, smells and tastes of the wonderful produce for sale, enjoying the busy lunchtime vibe of Applebee's Fish shop and restaurant, where James had his first taste of caviar.
This is our last night in the city. We have had a great time - such a change of scene for us - and surprisingly restful. 
Tomorrow we fly back to Edinburgh where we will spend a few more days with family. More postcards to follow.


  1. Have loved the postcards, is J on a school holiday or have the powers that be granted you leave of absence?! Hope you have a safe journey back to Edinburgh.


  2. Hi San - it's our October break this week - back on Thursday. Glad you enjoyed the postcards xxx

  3. I love Borough Market - without question one of my favourite parts of London!

  4. Some fine pork pies always to be had at Borough market. i oft make my way there on a Saturday morn, when in London. And aren't the mushrom displays incredible!

  5. Amazing! So glad you've had a good holiday. How funny that inhabitants of the Western Isles go to London for a rest! x


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