Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunday evening at my house

It has been a quiet Sunday here - morning at the church, afternoon spend organising the house for the first of our Summer visitors arriving midweek. It has been a cold, blustery day - belying the notion that July begins tomorrow. We are tired, after our stint of decluttering, but there is a relaxed air about the house - a feeling of some chi flowing now that the space has been cleared.

James, with the happy prospect of 7 school-free weeks in front of him, declared last week that he was going to do lots of Maths over the holidays. Each to their own, I suppose, but true to his word, here he is,  engrossed in Sumdog, during his screen time, and I noticed some arithmetic worksheets sitting on the desk in his bedroom.

Passing through the hall to the kitchen, I see Mick, the collie lying snoozing on the doormat - I crouch down to take his photograph, but he jumps up and slinks away - "No photos please!"

John is sitting at the table having a cup of tea, and a quiet read. he works so hard and is always cheerful. I love him.

I do not love my latest restoration project, though. I have a vision and it is not yet being realised. Ah well - given time, a lot more paint and just the right fabric and it will be beautiful.

To make myself feel better, I wander into the bathroom to admire the new wash cloth that I crocheted last night, in some soft blue cotton. yes - the sight of it sitting there on the white porcelain cheers me up and feeds my creative ego.

I open the back door and take a look outside. It is still very windy, and a bit dismal.  I think the sun may be there, behind the clouds, and I can smell peat smoke in the air, so someone nearby has lit their fire. The hens appear to have taken an evening stroll around the house, and come rushing up to me, expectantly, as I come down the steps. A gust of wind catches me, and it begins to rain again, so I head back indoors.

Time to put the feet up and realx with some light reading and a warm drink. Tomorrow is another day, another week, another month. Hope you find some moments of rest in this busy time of year xx


  1. I enjoyed this glimpse into your evening,

  2. Can you believe that tomorrow will bring in July?!

    I throughly enjoyed this post and felt like I was right beside you enjoying the day. I have been canning all day, the last of the tomatoes, 96 quarts, are done. Tomorrow I will be doing a little decluttering myself. I am not sure where it all comes from, but I want it out of here.

    James is so cute wanting to keep up with his math, my less favorite subject.
    I hope you have a lovely time with your company.

  3. I love that he wants to work on math over the summer! When I was a kid, I wanted to do things like go to the local swimming hole (affectionately called the Mudhole when I was a kid; it's now called Troll Beach), bike to my friends' houses, and play ball (basket, volley, or base...didn't matter which).

    Oh, and I read a lot.

  4. That chair looks in good condition - should be great when revamped. I also like the washcloth. It all looks good!!

  5. What a fantastic piece, I feel like I was there with you all yesterday! I hope you find the right fabric, I've just started an account on Spoonflower - not cheap - but more choice than you could shake a stick at. And you can design your own (I have made a whole $6.50 from selling a few yards of one of my designs, WOO HOO!)

  6. Such a lovely, peaceful post. Thanks for that. Love, Tina xx

  7. I always feel a bit calmer after reading your blog.

  8. Thank you for the gift of this beautifully paced post.

    Like your son, I also loved math, liked solving the puzzles. It wasn't until I took some university classes that got a bit deeper and abstract that my love waned.


  9. Oh, how I love the British edition of Country Living magazine. It arrives here in Chicago a month behind, but it is worth the wait! Lovely photos, as always.

  10. That chair will be lovely I'm sure - it is straight out of the pages of Country Living (which is my guilty pleasure too!).

  11. I want that chair! It reminds me of my childhood for some reason :) Thanks for a lovely walkabout in your home :)


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