Monday, May 6, 2013

Sunday Reflection

So there I was, after my idyllic weekend - flying high, like the red kites that bid us farewell from the Welsh hills. 

And the weekend didn't stop there either. An overnight stay in a plush hotel and an unhurried few hours in Edinburgh was still ahead.

Plenty of time to spend a long, leisurely lunch, catching up with my son. How good it was to see him!

And then a smooth flight home to the island, where my husband and younger son were waiting at the airport. Oh yes, I was on top of the world!

The phone was ringing as we got home - my Dad calling. But -  it was one of those calls....



The Big World exploded right into mine.

Afghanistan roadside bomb kills three British soldiers

British troops in the Nahr-e Saraj district of Helmand province in January 2012British soldiers are due to pull out of Afghanistan in 2014
Three British soldiers have died after their armoured vehicle was hit by a roadside bomb in Helmand, Afghanistan.
The soldiers were from the Royal Highland Fusiliers, the 2nd Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland.
Six other soldiers were injured in the bomb blast on Tuesday. Next of kin have been informed.
The attack was on a Mastiff vehicle, deemed one of the safest. David Cameron said he would consider "carefully" how the deaths had occurred.
It is the first time British soldiers in a Mastiff vehicle, which was introduced in 2007, have been killed by a roadside bomb, the MoD said.
My nephew - my sister's boy - was injured in this incident. A real person - someone I have known since the day he was born - someone I care about.  He is badly hurt, but, we have been told he will recover.
Three real families have been told different news. Three mothers will never again have lunch with their sons, an unborn baby will never know his Daddy's arms, three families will wait only one more time at an airport. This is so real - not another news story that I can shake my head sadly at, and get on with my day. 

Time stopped - all merged together as we waited for news of how badly injured he was - where he was being treated - what was happening - speculating on every possible outcome. It was as if we were in a dark cave, searching for a tiny chink of light - something - anything  -to reassure us that it would be OK. And, it will be.

Three worlds were shattered on this May morning, in ways I cannot begin to imagine. Ours? Well -  it shifted on it axis a bit - moved out of focus, slightly - but we will huddle together for a while and steady it again. For we still have our loved one here with us - our nephew, cousin, brother, son, friend - and we are so - so very thankful.

My friend and fellow crofter, Sharon Blackie, wrote the most beautiful post, yesterday. One of those timely, yet timeless tales, which spoke directly to my heart, just when I needed it.  I do believe that the Master Weaver sees the bigger picture, and, as I type this, I know that, somehow, a new and more beautiful pattern is beginning to form - even now. 

Please hold these men and their families in your thoughts and prayers.
Thank you.


  1. I'm so sorry for the sad news and my heart goes out to all the families, such a loss,
    this was a most beautifully written post,

  2. Ah, this is sad news. Being the wife of a Canadian military soldier, I know too well. My thoughts to those...

  3. Glad to hear your Trickster story, Jacqui; thank you for sharing it and I am so glad to hear that recovery is the outcome for your nephew, if not for the others. (Thanks for sharing my post, too.)

  4. oh jacqui, my heart breaks and yearns at the same time, for the lives lost and for your nephew to find healing in body and soul. how wonderful you were able to spend time with your son, just (i'm reading the books, on the second one now and dream of your world).

  5. So sorry for your family and I hope that your nephew makes a speedy recovery. Also sending my thoughts to your family and the others involved whose sons and daughters go out and risk their lives for others, they truly are heroes. Thanks for the link to Sharon's site, what an amazing post. Rowen x

  6. Sending hugs from the Antipodes.

  7. Jacqui, wishing you all very much love and healing. There are so many things we hear or see on the news that don't fully register until it hits our family. I'm the same with car accidents now...every time I see a cross or flowers by a roadside, I KNOW how real it was for all those affected.
    Take care, love, V

  8. Your post moved me tears so beautifully written with so much emotion you have touched me and I will hold you all in mt thoughts and prayers.jenny

  9. I heard this on the news and instantly thought of the families that this would involve. I am so sorry to hear about your nephew, but thankful that he is safe and back in this country. It will be a long journey ahead but at least you can hold him and help him through this horrific ordeal. Take care. Chel x

  10. So true, most of us hear the story feel so sad for the family and then our day continues. Your story brought tears to my eyes.
    Best wishes to you and all your family.
    Hope your nephew makes a speedy recovery.
    Rebecca x

  11. Oh my dear friend, my chest tightens as I read your post. I am so thankful your nephew will recovery from his injuries and heartbroken for the other three families.
    We lost a dear friend 'over there' last year and knowing that John is there worries me daily. I pray that soon we can bring all our families home.
    I am so happy to read you spent a little time with your son, a very handsome young man.
    Take care and enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  12. So sorry to hear about all the men and families involved. My brother in laws brother was killed in Afghanistan just about 4 years ago such wastes of lives. I hope your nephew is home soon and making a quick recovery

  13. I am so sorry about your nephew :( It is so sad when reality is so close to home and how much we take for granted. I'll be praying for your nephew, his family and for you :)

  14. Jacqui, you've expressed very well how a single minute can greatly change our balance.

    Best of all wishes to you and your family. I am very glad that you and your son had that visit together, so that sweetness can be part of the balance.


  15. Prayers for you all at this very difficult time, most especially for healing in body, mind and spirit.


  16. A lovely post, such beautiful words and pictures. Your family has been in my thoughts all week, I do hope your nephew has a good recovery even if it takes a long time.

  17. I am so very , very touched by this post. So often just as you suggested we can read of a tragedy and feel a brief moment of distress but quickly move on. Just to read your emotional post has brought me to another level of connectedness.As a mother you hit a button for me- I have a son who this could have been.
    I send out thoughts for peace and healing to your family and to all those suffering loss.

  18. Such a beautiful post about such a tragic event, I will hold your nephew and family and the families of the other soldiers in my prayers xxxx

  19. Reading this post and then seeing your picture of the rainbow made me cry. Hugs to you and your family as your nephew begins his healing journey. xo

  20. Oh my goodness. You and yours and these families are in my thoughts and prayers. I cannot begin to imagine what you must have been and are feeling. My heart is with you.

  21. Thinking of you and your family at this time. x

  22. You and your family are in my prayers xx (Bettywobble)

  23. I just came to this post, I understand everything you wrote for different reasons but non the less I'm hearing you and the anguish of those three families who will never quite be the same again. Holding everyone in my heart X

  24. Oh I am at a loss for words. Prayers and hugs to all the families and your nephew and his family. This is very hard read and I am so very sorry.

  25. Sometimes there are no words, yet you have somehow come up with them, and so beautifully. So heart achingly.

    Sending prayers...


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