Tuesday, May 14, 2013

all over the place

Sometimes we need to climb up higher and look at the landscape from a different perspective.

Or crawl down into the darkness, looking for a shaft of light.

Sometimes we even find it.

I always feel so much better after a visit to the sea. Standing on that edge - just being there - it helps.

Looking behind me, I see how busy the beach has been - although we are the only ones there right now. Footprints - paw prints criss-cross the sand. 
They look - purposeful.
 And I have a purpose today too...

For there are more than footprints left on this beach.
Strewn among the boulders- washed up or left behind.
Bright, shiny, colourful, convenient
but deadly.
And definitely not disposable.

And that is only the plastic we can see.
When William Blake wrote his often quoted lines
"To see the world in a grain of sand"
the idea of a beach filled with microscopic synthetic polymers
was surely even beyond his fabulous imagination.

But in the 40 years since we began to mass produce plastic items
That is what we have created.

\But the waves still rise and fall, ebbing and flowing
in a relentless rhythm
As it has done since the Beginning

Who knows where this tide will take me.
But I feel the pull.

Visit No Plastic, No Excuses for more information on Plastic Pollution.


  1. Beautiful images and message...it's amazing how much rubbish washes up on our beaches :(

  2. The beauty and sound of the sea. Despite the roaring and crashing of the waves, there is a peace about it all, the calming "in and out breath" where we are truly at one with the environment ... shame we make such a mess of stewardship of the earth.

    Continued prayers for your nephew and family.

    San xxxx

  3. After a very busy day it was lovely to hear the sound of the sea from your post. Stunning photos. Thinking of your nephew x

  4. What is the stone structure in your wonderful pictures?

    1. mary - it is the Broch at Doune Carloway. An ancient fortified stone building - about 2,000 years old.

    2. Thanks, Barefoot. I'll look it up.

  5. Beautiful photos. We all need to be aware of the world around us. We are only borrowing it.

  6. I love this, and your beautiful photos. I share your feelings about the sea! But I detest littering anywhere and find it so very hard to understand. (Why?!) We must teach our children to love and respect nature, that these actions have consequences, and what we can do to bring about change. ♥

  7. You live in a wonderful place - thanks for sharing your photos. We also pick up rubbish on our walks with Sophie around the park. It annoys me that people have the strength to take it there but not to take it home (or place it in the numerous rubbish bins around.

  8. Oh Jacqui, what a post. Magical and realistic all rolled into one xx

  9. I have found myself thinking about your pictures recently and your words. They are very calming and grounding. I am having such cravings for the sea just now. We will be spending some time in Cellerdyke soon and I am counting the days, Jo xx

  10. I never tire of the ocean and the peace and serenity it brings me. Lovely post!

  11. Amazing photos. I've heard that synthetic fleece is especially bad, because particles wash out in the laundry every time. This is one thing we can make in specific impact on - only wear natural fibers! Yet another reason to knit with our precious wool.

    1. Oh yes - I had heard about that - so worrying. Thanks for the link xx

  12. Beautiful pictures and I will look at the little video later. Fascinating how the stones all fit in around each other, rather like a good community. I have been thinking about the huge loss you have all suffered and my thoughts have been with you.

    1. Thank you - it is just my own wee video taken with my iphone :)

  13. Thank you all for your continued prayers and support. My nephew is improving, although there is a long way to go. xx

  14. Lovely photos and words. We are not doing a good job of preserving our wonderful world for future generations. I too cannot understand littering it makes no sense to me. Good to hear your nephew is making steady progress hope it continues, thinking of you all.

  15. The Doune is so amazing, thanks for the beautiful photos. I'm always shocked by the amount of rubbish washed up on the beach. I believe that most of it washes in from the sea, as opposed to being left by picnickers or the like. Do ships just dump rubbish in the sea? I can't really understand it. As for microscopic waste, I shouldn't be surprised...

    Take care of yourself, Jacqui. Such a hard time for your family. x


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