Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Little Bits

Lots of little bits of crafting going on, in between the crofting. it looks like Spring has arrived, with crochet flowers popping up all over the place. I have been enjoying doing these quick little projects with scrap bits of yarn - not quite sure what they will become - a garland or part of a wreath,  most likely, but they are lots of fun to do.

I loved making this Snuggle Dolly ( Baby Cashmerino) - a quick and easy pattern by Tina. This is such a cute and cuddly doll - just the thing for a new babe.

I am still working on my Flowers in the Snow blanket. I have finished all the circle parts, and now just need to add the white square borders, before stitching it together. I am putting this aside for now, as it is going to be my holiday project. Yes - in two weeks time I will be going to the Wonderwool Wales festival with some very lovely ladies. We will be glamping it up in this Rainbow coloured Yurt for 4 whole days!! I am soooo excited!! Really I am !!

So, to keep me grounded until then, I have just cast on this Heartwarmer, using some Manos Silk blend that I had in my stash. The pattern is called Lark Rise, and it is a fairly straightforward lace.
My reading is not so straightforward this week though - at least, one of the books is quite hard going. The Enchanted April, by Elizabeth Von Arnim has been on my shelf, unopened for several years, and I picked it up a couple of nights ago, taking a unusual notion to read fiction. I am not sure - it is very of it's time - middle class English ladies in the 1920s. I have only managed to struggle through the first chapter and a bit, so will give it until the third chapter then decide.
The other book is really good though - Long Way on A Little, by Shannon Hayes. I had loved one of her previous books -  Radical Homemakers, and this one doesn't disappoint either. Essentially a recipe book, it is about using our produce wisely and frugally - extracting every ounce of goodness out of what we have, and is full of wisdom for a farmer who really knows what she is talking about. Much more my kind of style.
Check out everyone else's style at Yarn Along, graciously hosted by Ginny at Small Things.

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  1. Oooh, everything looks so lovely! You've been very productive! (I am thrilled you enjoyed making Snuggle Dolly!) Your yarny holiday sounds wonderful, I'm going to click on the links now and see just HOW wonderful! Have fun! :) xxx

  2. Are you all packed? I hope you take your camera so we can see too. How exciting to be surrounded by all that fiber. One big draw back to living in the deep south is there are no fiber festivals close.

    Love seeing you flowers and I think they would make a pretty garland.

  3. A wool festival, staying in a yurt! Had you told me 10 years ago that this would be my idea of heaven I would never have believed you! Have a wonderful time.

  4. Pretty :-) I especially love the flowers :-)

  5. The flowers are so cute and springy. You have a lot of projects going on there! Been a while since I've been the header! Stopping in from Yarn Along.

  6. Love your flowers, I have I knit a few from that book but have yet to master crocheting :(

  7. Your trip sounds so wonderful! Nothing like some time with good friends and wool! I do it every year myself. I also countdown the days in a very juvenile fashion.

    Your flowers are so adorable and that little doll is the sweetest. I'm sure it will be loved.

  8. Reading is so very personal a thing, isn't it? The Enchanted April is one of my favorite stories...witty, insightful. Perhaps if the book never catches on for you, you might enjoy watching the film? It is a favorite also...gentle transformation.

    I hope your April is sometimes Enchanting...

    1. Thanks, Lesley. I will stick with it for now. I was feeling a bit fed up when I started it, and the opening chapter seemed a bit depressing and slow. Perhaps when we gett to sunny Tuscany...

  9. Oh those flowers are so lovely. Daffodils mean spring to me. :) Have a fabulous wool festivals.

  10. Your crocheting is beautiful and cheery!! Once it's all sewn together I bet you will never stop admiring its beauty.

  11. Hi, I love that you have lots of projects on the go, it's just the way I work too. I recently posted some of mine on my blog if you would like to pop over and have a peep. Hope you have a great time at the wool festival. Rowen @ Coastal Colours x

  12. Yay! Can't wait until Wonderwool and the yurt. I can't believe it is only 2 weeks away. I have finished my projects so will have to sort out what I am bringing - a neat excuse for another visit to the wool shop :) See you soon.

  13. we are still battling winter weather here- so inside knitting and reading this week too. I have enjoyed re-reading " Radical Homemakers" -always inspiring.

  14. Thanks for the lovely comments, everyone. I have enjoyed these littke projects - at least I have something to show xx

  15. I love this, so pretty. So many things to do so little time (smile). I love your blog.....will be following you



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