Sunday, March 17, 2013

Seven Days

 What a wonderful week it has been here. With this view from the kitchen window - how could it ever be anything else? Yes, the clouds and piercing cold winds are never far away, but these sparkling blue moments make up for them.

Early in the week had us preparing for our first visitors of the year. It is always exciting going into Stornoway to wait on the ferry arriving. Here comes the MV Clansman steaming into the harbour and we are full of anticipation as we get ready to greet the arrivals.

The visitors are my sister and her husband, over from Canada. They are only with us for a few days, and we have a lot to catch up with. It is always nice to have guests who haven't seen the island before, as it means we can show off our favourite places. Here they are having just crossed the Bridge over the Atlantic to the island of Great Bernera. How good it would be if we could cross  right over the ocean as easily as we did there.

It was lovely to take a couple of days out and enjoy being tourists. We visited Bosta beach (another paddle) and the Iron Age house- Such a stunning setting, sea in front and hills behind.  It is still closed for the winter, but is well worth a visit if you find yourself here in Summer.

At the end of the week, James and I tried out the new footpath being built round the villages. it was another lovely day, and we were even out without coats!

Oh yes - I did shovel a lot of (ahem) manure this week. Still - all good stuff and i will benefit twice - once from the exercise and again from the fabulous harvests that will result.

And - I won a basket of fruit in a "Guess the Weight" contest! 

Just a few random snapshots of my week. Another Seven Days ahead - what fruits will they bring? Wishing you all the sweetest of blessings in the days to come. xx


  1. how wonderful that you and your sister were together!! Glad you had a good time and saw your beautiful home through the eyes of a tourist!!

  2. Love the light in your pictures, I can't imagine having that view every day :)

  3. Your photos are exquisite. Art. And I love your Seven Days concept. Brilliant. Far and away superior to my unintended Four Months. ;-)

    LOVE your header too. So beautiful.

  4. Great photos!
    Wonderful that you had time with your sister and brother-in-law.
    Lea's Menagerie

  5. hope you have had the best time catching up with your sister and her husband.

  6. Love the iron age house and James is growing up fast! Hope you had a nice time with your sister.

    san xx

  7. just looked at your bookshelf, i've just taken copy of listening for the heartbeat of God from the library!

  8. Great that you had visitors from afar. It is a breathtakingly beautiful place that you live. Some amazing skies here, Jo xx

  9. So nice to be able to catch up on what's going on in your world. Quaint and cozy and hard-working as ever I see !

  10. Those clouds...gorgeous! When we visit Maine the kids loved to ride the ferry from Portland to Peaks Island. We usually do it several times during the week we stay there. My middle one said its like magic.

  11. How wonderful! A sister visit! Those are the best. My sister lives on the west coast and I live on the east coast, so I know how special that time is. Enjoy!

  12. i can appreciate your excitement at seeing the ferry coming in and knowing that there are loved ones on it. i get the same way when i go to the airport. how wonderful that your sister and brother-in-law could come for a visit.


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