Sunday, February 24, 2013

Dipping back in.


Today I had my first dip of the year. Oh my - it was grand to get my feet back into the ocean - cold as it was. My feet are still glowing yet - and it was only my feet - this is the North Atlantic we're talking about :-)

I thought it was probably a good day to dip back in here too. I have not been around much online for a wee while. I have been very touched by the kind emails and messages asking after me in my absence. i am sorry if you were concerned at my sudden disappearance - I kept meaning to post, but somehow never seemed to make it happen. Thank you xx

It's been a quiet few weeks, and yet we have been so busy. The days just merge seamlessly into weeks and months and we are suddenly on the cusp of a new season!
So - what has been happening here?

Well, there has been weather. Some fairly fierce and sustained gales at the end of January. Thankfully we had no mishaps, apart from a spilt bucket of grain. it was pretty miserable for the livestock, though, and we spent most of the stormy days peering anxiously through the rain battered windows to where they had their shelter.

But they survived - enduring, in the way animals do. 

But there have been some glorious days too - those impossibly blue kind of days you only get in the Hebrides. The ones that make you drop your plans and head for a walk on the beach. Even hens are known to stowaway in the truck for such a trip.

Or else head down to the shore for an afternoon of pottering around.

The mussels are good out in the bay just now, so it's good to take advantage of the low tide and see what we can forage. Just enough for dinner for three.

There has been lots of kitchen time,

some gardening time,

and some crafting time too.

And so on we go - in and out like the endless tide. 


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