Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Yarn Along

First time in ages back on Yarn Along. I have been busy with other things in the summer, but a couple of yarny projects have been happening, a hat, hairband, couple of baby gifts completed and a crochet bag is almost done. Just now, though - last minute Christmas gifts in progress - elving, as they say in the best blog circles ;-)
I am knitting a balaclava for John - making the bottom ribbing extra long to cope with the Winter gales we get herabouts. Using Stylecraft Lifestyle Aran - a wool acrylic blend, to give it some stretch without losing shape, and also so it wont be too itchy.  Nothing worse than an scratchy balaclava, I imagine. Oh - and it's red, so I can spot him with his orange jacket as he goes about the fields. I have a hat, fingerless gloves, mittens and crochet flowered hairbands in the pipeline too.

Reading - well - loving  Tasha Tudor's Take Joy right now. Just the most Christmassy book in the world.  Also - as we are expecting our own Christmas birth - reading up on calving in The Family Cow Handbook. Hope Fiona has read it too!

And, since I mentioned gales, we have been enjoying days of calm, still, beautiful weather this week, but I hear the winds are due to return at the weekend, so lets enjoy it while we can.

Happy Elving - and be sure to visit Ginny for Yarn Along - check out her wonderful giving giveaway too. xxx


  1. love the header! Beautiful yarn you are working with and festive. Anything Tasha Tudor is worth reading again and again and again!

  2. lovely to see you back on yarn along again! I had a balaclava as a kid, and you're right, nothing worse than an itchy one - i'm off them for life!

  3. Love, love, love Tasha Tudor. When I grow up, ;), I want to be just like her! I currently am knitting my husband the most beautiful scarf that I have ever done. Easy stitch too, the mistake stitch!

  4. I love that bright beautiful red! You'll be able to spot him a mile off. I am loving the new header. You live in such a beautiful area.

  5. You caught a perfect moment and turned it into a wonderful header, it's beauiful.
    I love the red you are using to spot your soul mate, I may have to borrow that idea so I can spot my Mike.
    Hey, do you want me to send you a jar of marshmellow cream so you can make Divinity?

  6. I also want to mention your header. It is so beautiful and quite a moment captured! Tasha Tudor does seem just right for the holidays. And red is so perfect to keep him warm and visible. Enjoy your day.

  7. Love your yarn choice! Cosy. Off to look up the Tasha Tudor book! xx

  8. What a beautiful photo of the stag! And of the still, still, harbour. Your knitting looks great. And you're the second person to mention Tasha Tudor's Christmas book today! Hmmm...

  9. Love the header picture - wonderful.

    1. Thanks Tony. I don't think it is the one in your freezer :-)

  10. oh the elves have been busy at your house!!! another tasha tudor book I've missed???? how can that be? and I love the header, too,-----but I really really love the sky in that last photo! what a beautiful piece of the world you live in!

  11. Can't believe I missed the wedding news! The knitting or should I say elving is looking good!

    San xx


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