Thursday, December 27, 2012

These moments

Twelve moments from my year. New additions, new skills, family celebrations, new projects, a lamb in the house! Community picnics, sparkling hot summer days, working in the garden - and on the croft, mellow autumn days, fire festivals and Christmas.

Just a few tiny snapshots from a very busy and blessed twelvemonth. I will be back after the New Year holiday, with a few changes and a wee giveaway. Until then, here's wishing you all the very best for 2013 - may all your dreams come true. xxx

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Midwinter walking

The mornings are dark here, just now - we need alarm clocks to wake us in time, for if we wait for the sun to creep round the corner of the blind, it is well on in the day.

But - at last, dawn breaks over the far southeastern horizon. On these icy cold mornings, the light is pure and golden. It is hard to tear our gaze away from such skies - as the moments pass, bringing more and more beauty.  

But the cattle have no time for such idleness - back to work now please. Celia stands patiently in the pink light, while Gretel has her breakfast and then all the girls line up for some sweet smelling hay - frost still heavy on their thick coats.

It is such a beautiful day, one of those days that you know you can't waste.  We have workmen. finishing off the kitchen, so decide to get out of their way and go for a walk. It is already nearly lunchtime, so we head up to the Standing Stones.

The midday sun is low in the sky.  At this time of midwinter it moves a very short distance - barely skimming the horizon.

Our steps lead us to the cafe in the visitor centre for a quick lunch - with dessert, of course!

The sea-loch is like a mirror today, and the light is reflected even more. It is a joy to be out on such a day. We decide to walk along to the pier.

It's  a perfect walk - just the two of us. We amble along in silence - mostly.  Listening to the cry of the birds, far away rumble of occasional traffic, feeling the stillness. We clamber over the the other side of the peninsula and look down on that shore - surprising a couple of Black Throated Divers (Loons), who skim off over to Bernera. We watch a shape out in the water, diving and surfacing wondering if it could be an otter, (and wondering why once again we didn't think to bring binoculars with us! ) Eventually it comes close enough to shore for us to decide it is probably one of the divers. I remember Thoreau and his story about the loon - it somehow amplifies the solitude of this place. 
But - the light is already fading on this short midwinter day, and we wander back along the path. James will be home soon, and there are evening chores to do.

Climbing up the hill we can see the smoke from the village peat fires hanging in the still air .  The frost still carpets the grass as we walk through the circle and down the road, and we feel the coldness settling in for the evening.

So we hurry inside, sit down with a cup of tea, our cheeks still aglow, resolving, once again, to take time out like this more often. 

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Circle round

In the midst of this season of joy, comes a moment of unimaginable horror. We stand, frozen and helpless. We can only circle round the people of Newtown, and be with them in this awful time.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Yarn Along

First time in ages back on Yarn Along. I have been busy with other things in the summer, but a couple of yarny projects have been happening, a hat, hairband, couple of baby gifts completed and a crochet bag is almost done. Just now, though - last minute Christmas gifts in progress - elving, as they say in the best blog circles ;-)
I am knitting a balaclava for John - making the bottom ribbing extra long to cope with the Winter gales we get herabouts. Using Stylecraft Lifestyle Aran - a wool acrylic blend, to give it some stretch without losing shape, and also so it wont be too itchy.  Nothing worse than an scratchy balaclava, I imagine. Oh - and it's red, so I can spot him with his orange jacket as he goes about the fields. I have a hat, fingerless gloves, mittens and crochet flowered hairbands in the pipeline too.

Reading - well - loving  Tasha Tudor's Take Joy right now. Just the most Christmassy book in the world.  Also - as we are expecting our own Christmas birth - reading up on calving in The Family Cow Handbook. Hope Fiona has read it too!

And, since I mentioned gales, we have been enjoying days of calm, still, beautiful weather this week, but I hear the winds are due to return at the weekend, so lets enjoy it while we can.

Happy Elving - and be sure to visit Ginny for Yarn Along - check out her wonderful giving giveaway too. xxx

Friday, December 7, 2012

This moment

Taking a moment - to share a moment - a moment I want to pause, savour and remember. Happy to be joining in, once again with the wonderful Soulemama.  Wishing you a magical weekend.


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