Sunday, November 25, 2012

Seven Days


Another seven days slip into the past. Trying to hold on to a few of those random moments of ordinariness.

Enjoying the crisp blue Winter skies at the harbour in town

Looking forward to the kitchen renovation being completed

Curling up by the fire with special birthday gifts

Thinking of US friends celebrating their Thanksgiving holiday

Appreciating the taste of the season

Reflecting in the glow of candlelight

Moving along in the rhythm of the year


  1. Kitchen renovations are so intrusive! I hope it is speedy for you as well and then you can get back to cooking in a NEW kitchen :)

  2. Oh, a new kitchen, how exciting! I hope you show photos, I love looking at different kitchens.
    I must look up your Nikki McClure book, I do love her. I just hung up my 2013 calendar she designed.

  3. your last picture of the ducks is priceless. beautiful photo. so full of hope.

  4. Your photos are all so warm and lovely:-) Best of luck with the kitchen, we're renovating ours right now as well...stressful but worth it!

  5. such beautiful words and photos jacqui. happy belated birthday, i hope it was filled with love.

  6. Oh I love your photos Jacqui, especially the last one, magic xx

  7. Oh so envious of the kitchen reno! Can't wait to see the completed project. Such lovely photos!

  8. So exciting to redo the kitchen. I've been following on Instagram and can't wait to see your first meal cooked in the new space.
    I'm moving to the grooves of the year, waiting on snow. I liked your list poem..

  9. Kitchen looks to be coming on a treat. But I can imagine the mayhem it brings with it.


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