Monday, October 29, 2012

Seven days: seven blessings

<> Misty mornings

<> Winter vegetables growing in our garden

<> Down days

<> Active days

<> Successful thrifting

<> A gift in time from beautiful friends

<> Golden landscape all around.

How blessed we are.

Wishing you all a wonderful week - my thoughts and prayers are with all those facing the storm.  Hoping you all stay safe xx


  1. Just beautiful my dear friend! We really are blessed.

  2. I am having great problems leaving a message.....
    Such beautiful photo, and such beautiful

    1. Sorry about that Trish - will check it out at this end. Thanks for persevering xxx

  3. Can't believe how grown up James looks! The last shot is picture postcard perfect!

    Love to you

    San xx

  4. Beautiful blessings! Your young one is growing rapidly!

  5. I've just discovered your blog and your pictures. You live in a truly beautiful place and I've had very nice moments reading your words..Blessings from France

  6. Thanks for thinking about all of us who were in the path of the storm. We were fine and only lost our electric twice for 1/2 hour. Our second married daughter, her husband and 7 children still at home, lives 1/2 block from the Delaware river. They expected water up to their windowsills but only got some in their yard and crawl space under their house. It came up into one bathroom and a 3 Ft. spot in their girl's room. Fortunately they do have flood insurance and are waiting for the adjuster to come. I've always loved what I've read about Scotland and thought I'd love to live there. I enjoy your blog so much.

  7. beautiful photos, especially that last one.

  8. O, what an amazing pics from a nice country!

    Warm, Dutch greetings!

  9. your photos are so lovely, you really know how to capture moments, and that last picture is just gorgeous.


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