Sunday, January 15, 2012

Seven Days?

The week has just flown by.  I was hoping to do an "Around the Croft" post, so my camera was filled with photographs intended for that.  I did think about doing that today instead, but then....what about those other images that might not fit into a post later on? Hmmm - Sunday, for me, is about looking back and appreciating those ordinary but special moments over the past week, and anticipating the joys and excitement of the new. So, Around the Croft will appear early in the week, and today I give you Seven Days - crammed into Three :)

The evenings are noticeably longer now.  This was taken at around 5 pm - already I can see the movement in the Earth's axis, as the sunset moves further and further Westwards.

And on the other side of the house - East facing -the sky is suffused with a glorious pink light - see how it makes those rushes glow. (Sorry about the window reflection, but I couldn't resist sneaking this snap of John taking it all in.)

And talking of John - is that a birthday cake or a meringue?*  You're right - it's a Birthday Meringue! Very decadent and delicious it was too.

We had a touch of frost - Only the second frost I can think of this whole winter. It has been so mild and wet - such a difference to last year's snow and ice. 

But we took advantage of some blue sunny skies and nipped off for a wander along the beach.

We had a proper baking day, so the tins are nicely filled - for a wee while...

And I spent a long time trying to capture the power and beauty of the Atlantic rollers - but you really had to be there.

Just a few moments from our week here.  Ordinary moments that filled my days with joy. I wish you all a wonderful seven days ahead. xxx.

*Scottish joke reference.  A man walks into a baker's shop, points at a cake and asks the assistant
"Is that a doughnut or a meringue?"  
The woman replies
"Naw - yer right - it's a doughnut"
Really needs to be said in a Glaswegian accent to be appreciated.


  1. fantastic beach photos!

    (jokes...the old 'uns are still best!! :D )

  2. nurse walks into Glasgow waiting room and calls for "jeswanti singh".
    No answer.
    She asks again and still no answer.
    On the third try a wee man replies "you start hen an' we'll aw join in"


  3. Excellent 7 Days! We are having a baking day today, hope ours turns as our lovely as yours looks!

  4. After looking at your photos - I feel like I was there! If only.....I can hear the crash of the waves and feel the sea salt spray on my skin right now! Birthday meringue? That is a new one for me....must be a tradition where you live. Perhaps you can share the recipe with us as it looks devine. Thanks for the lovely photos, and I lay awake last night picking out photos in my head that I wanted to use for my blog header...hoping to have a bit of time today to follow your wonderful tutorial and create it!

  5. Save me a cake Jacqui!.

    Wow, those Atlantic waves are awesome. Somewhere, down in that cold, icy water, large Sea Bass could be patrolling up and down the surf just waiting to get caught...

    I'll be up in about 2 hours lol.xx

  6. Nothing like filled tins of goodies!

  7. Eventhough the ocean IS one of those things too grand to capture in an image, your photos take me there in my mind. Thank you.

    Your baking day must have smelled heavenly! Hope your next seven are as wonderful. blessings ~ tanna

  8. Your first photo reminds me of my kitchen windows. I have three old wooden windows sandwiched together, facing the east. I can watch the sunrise as it moves during the year. Right now, it is rising to my right as I stand at the kitchen sink. By mid-summer the sun will be rising very far to my left when looking out my windows. I think by living in the country, we are more aware of the nature around us.
    Thanks you for the beautiful photos today.

  9. (laughing at little macaroon's joke!) Those are lovely glimpses of your week. You've perfectly captured the crashing waves - I could hear the thundering!

  10. oh dear. First I want one of those meringues - my mouth is watering. Then I was thinking how I need to do some more baking because hubby has already eaten almost all of Friday's offering (yummy blueberry tea-bread). Then I was thinking about the weather, we now have a proper frost on, just when I was thinking the wind has dropped enough to get out in the garden and plant the new fruit trees. And then you've got me wanting to go to the beach - perhaps a trip for the kiddies early in the week with a flask of cocoa! Thanks for the inspiration.

  11. What a baking day!! All your photo's are wonderful, what an amazing place. I always have such a lovely sense of appriecation that you feel for your life. x x x

  12. Happy Birthday John, your birthday meringue looks lovely.

    Those waves are quite something, do they feel as if they are towering above you? I would imagine the sound is quite something too.

    Love the baking too, how long would all that last?

    Our 7 days are here

  13. Happiest of birthdays!! I love the rolling waves that look a bit daunting to swim in right now...brrr... Can you come over to my house and bake???

  14. I love that your days are so full it's hard to fit all the moments into just seven. it's all so wonderful though jacqui, you do make the most of your life. love all the peeks into your world. i can't believe you did all that baking! and happy birthday to your husband!
    have a wonderful week ahead!
    xox lori

  15. Happiest of birthday's to your John! I love that you made a birthday meringue. I love meringues, but with all the humidity here they just don't do well.
    I think you captured the waves perfectly and I can almost here the sound as they crash upon the shore. I really need to get to the beach!
    All your baking looks wonderful,but it makes me feel a little guilty. I did so much baking over the holiday's but none this year. I will have to bake something for this crew of mine as a special treat.

  16. love the rolling waves ... thanks for the visual. catching the beauty of light is so magnificent. it just compels you to take a moment to appreciate it. the picture with the fence at the beach is gorgeous. thanks, Jacqui!

  17. these are not ordinary moments... so much beauty, warmth and appreciation for Nature. I LOVE THIS SPACE! I think we were meant to be friends:) I really do!

  18. Lol at LM - did you ever listen to Andy Cameron? That was a funny joke.
    Thanks to everyone.
    OiL - meringues are not a traditional birthday cake here - unless I happen to have a lot of egg whites to use up, after making custard the day before :) I plan to share the recipe next week..
    Tracey - you really must come over for tea - i will make meringues then.
    The baking day is something I have wanted to get round to for a while, trying to avoid shopping as much as possible.
    I am so glad you all liked the beach photos. I never, ever tire of going there.
    Brooke - this blogging world is wonderful indeed, bringing us all together.
    What lovely comments - thank you all.

  19. ordinary moments are what make up a life. I am so glad to have found your blog. I love the shots fo the ocean.

  20. Oh my word Jacqui, your baking day was truly productive, what a choice you'll have when you sit down for a cuppa and a little something'! Hope John had a great day, lovely Birthday 'cake' (Ben got a slice of Christmas cake masquerading as Birthday cake, poor man. January birthdays eh) Lovely to be able to share your moments xx

  21. Happy Birthday to John! Beautiful photos as always mama xx

  22. No ordinary moments there. At least not for someone who appreciates the gifts around them. Thanks for inviting us in...

    And THAT'S what a proper baking day looks like? Hmmm. Apparently I just never understood the word proper. Then again, I THOUGHT I understood the difference between a doughnut and a meringue. Perhaps I need to visit the Croft to fully get it. I'll be right over. ;)

    Blessings, Debbie

  23. Love the birthday meringue and the baking day and ...oh those wonderful waves.
    Much love to you.

  24. Birthday meringue sounds wonderful! I think that's what I'll request next birthday. I'm not one for cake as it is. Love your baking day - in my house with 3 teens and 1 pre-teen, that would last a few days. Love to see the waves in winter.

  25. such beautiful photos. If I wasn't sitting in 30c heat I could nearly feel I was there.

  26. Jacqui,finished work on Saturday morning and it was a stunning ,glowing red sky,like your first photo-no words necessary.
    I love baking days but have been trying to find a good recipe for gypsy creams (like you used to get at beetle drives or school fetes ).
    Googled them but not the kind I'm looking for .Any suggestions as I tried and liked your clootie dumpling.

  27. Hi, Deb - James and I have been reading Farmer Boy -and I was inspired by Almanzo's Mother and memories of my Grandmother's big baking days. Usually a Wednesday, so the tins were full for the weekend. Sunday tea-time was a big event.

    Carly - yes, his birthday always catches me out so soon after Christmasz
    SE - you know, I think I might have a recipe somewhere. I have all my Gran's notebooks and I am certain she Sid a version. I will explore that. Glad you tried the dimpling :)

    Thank you everyone. Kate - nice to think you are getting some warm weather. I had heard that the Summer was poor in Oz this year.


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