Sunday, January 8, 2012

Seven Days

It has been a very stormy start to the New Year but that didn't stop us celebrating with a community party in the village hall. Some wonderful music and dancing and lots of great food too.

 The weather kept us indoors most of the time.  Still, we found plenty to be up to there - like, finishing off the Christmas cake -  well it really has to be done.

Staying close to the fire - and time for the decorations to come down.  The holly and dried oranges made our home look and smell so Christmassy, and they gave off a nice blaze as they warmed us one last time.

I made the first batch of bread this year - it was so good,

And James made pictures with the shells he collected on our New Year's Day walk.

We visited our neighbour's new calf, called Coco-Pops.  He was born during the Christmas storms - a surprise concealed pregnancy.  When our friend went out to feed his cows, he noticed one was missing from the group.  He found her at the other side of the field with her newborn calf!

And  on one of the few dry spells of the week, James came running in, calling on me to bring my camera right away - he had found the first daisy of the year!  He knows me well...

Just some random happenings from our week.  Ordinary - extraordinary things that filled my seven days with joy xxx


  1. I've been wondering how you have been fairing with this stormy weather. Glad things have been good. Love the sea shell picture, Sophie was playing with her seashells too this week, but I never think to take photos of these things! I must try to look at the little details of our lives a bit more!

    And a surprise calf! Wow, I always wonder how these things can happen, especially with such a big animal!

    Hope the weather is a bit kinder to you this next week.


  2. ahhh first daisy! WONDERFUL JOY!

    Love Leanne

  3. A good start to the year.
    Keep warm, there's a way to go til Spring!

  4. oh it has been so blowy hasn't it! glad to hear you are safe and tucked up warm! The calf is beautiful!! what a lovely surprise for your neighbour! Thanks for sharing your lovely week! I will pop mine up later.... if I have taken enough pics....... lol

  5. I am so jealous of your daisy. We're still looking at brown grass and iced over ponds. Something we're lacking but you seem to have found: Winter Storms. Usually by this point, we have at least a couple inches of snow sitting on the ground. Not so this year. Of course, Mother Nature could just be trying to balance out the year (winter 2007-08) where she dumped over 140" of snow on us (which is pushing the twelve foot mark and is taller than most one-story houses).

    Or not.

    Hope the weather calms down.

  6. It is so true that the simple things are what make the wonderful memories of our lives. Living in the country, here in Texas, is much the same as your life in Scotland.....fresh eggs, beautiful sunsets, fireplace on a cold day, peaceful sounds....and the list just goes on.
    Thanks for sharing your life with me so many miles away.

  7. What a nice post.....especially beautiful photo of Coco-pops! We have a cat named Apple Juice...named by my daughter when she was very young...the cat is now 13 years old and still going strong! Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog and offering to do the tutorial on a blog header, Yes, Yes, Yes, I would love for you to do that if it is not too much trouble...thank you! I think everyone would love a little help in this area as it is a confusing one for those who are not so great with a computer! Happy Sunday!

  8. Imagine finding a daisy! Fabulous!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  9. A surprise calf and a surprise daisy! Wonderful.

  10. I love that he came running for you to bring your camera right away. So sweet.

  11. i always feel as though i'm 'there' when i visit with you jacqui. love the crackling fire and all your photos of your days. it's cool here, but not blustery like there, tho i wish it were. nothing sounds better than bundling up near a fire and knitting (with christmas cake and tea!)
    xox lori

  12. I do wish we had your weather here as we seem to be is some weird warm front that today has me in shorts!
    It is so nice of you to force yourself to finish the Christmas cake, what us mothers won't sacrifice for our family :)
    How super eyes James has in spotting the flower, please tell him great job from me!

  13. Great images and stories :) I can't decide on my favourite - Coco-pops or the burning decorations.

  14. Ordinary and extraordinary...lovely.
    Much love to you.

  15. Looks like such a wonderful time. So many beautiful images! Burning tried oranges....that sounds lovely.

    That you so much for your heartfelt words today. You are a gift, friend!!

  16. It all looks so cosy and lovely.

  17. My two picked me daisies at the weekend and what a joy they were amid the bleak chill of January... 't'will not always be winter see X

  18. Lovely week Jacqui :) I got very excited when I spotted a patch of snowdrops in the garden this morning! xx

  19. Oh thank you, Jacqui...these are all so satisfying. You have such an art for choosing and describing from your very rich life.

  20. hello
    your cake and bread looks wonderful.
    the first daisy
    great blog!

  21. Wonderful post! A most happy new year to you. I am in love with the (vintage?) Christmas plate. Does it have a story?

  22. What a lovely fire picture! Also, a surprise newborn calf must have been a lovely Christmas surprise for your neighbor. Hope your New Year is swell so far!

  23. a first daisy---and a roaring fire! what a week!!! just love the pictures of your week...feel like I've just come for a mini visit. thanks for sharing

  24. Wow, I can imagine the smell from those burning oranges would clear any cold!

    Such a lot of hope in that little daisy. Here's to Spring!x

  25. I've just caught up with your posts and seen about the lovely Mick...and he is obviously meant to be with you....those are soulful eyes.

    P.S. Your bread looks fantastic, what's your secret?

  26. Thank you all for your comments. I am glad you enjoyed the photographs.
    kelly - thanks for your comments about Mick - and the bread. no secret really - it is the River Cottage bread handbook recipe - it works!
    BBTS - I bought 2 of these plates for 20p in the local hospice charity shop last Spring, so they have been waiting all that time to be used. Sadly, my husband broke one of them when he was washing up... Charitly shops - do you call them thrift stores, are my favourite places, and I buy a lot of odd bits of china. I do like a pretty plate for my cake.

    The calf was a complete surprise. Our friend had thought the cow was pregnant earlier in the year, and had expected a calf to be born in the Summer, so he allowed the bull to run in the same field - as time went on, obviously, he thought it was a mistake, or she had lost the calf at an early stage...

  27. your surprise daisy was lovely. thank you for sharing your life with us via pictures and the written word. it is always delightful.


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