Sunday, December 11, 2011

Seven Days

Well, the Sun rose on a pretty full week!  John was away for most of it, as I shared earlier, but  he certainly picked the time to go.

It started fairly leisurely - a nice weekend trip into Stornoway, seeing what was new in the harbour.

Then snow arrived - changing the landscape to a magical winter wonderland.

Then St Nicholas visited - surprising how many goodies a pair of red crocs can hold.

Then came the hurricanes!  Thankfully no damage - only blown over dustbins ( and a blurry photo.)  Other folk were not so lucky.

Then there was the Great Pig Escape!  They had been secretly tunnelling away on the other side of their plot and were discovered happily rooting away in the next croft!  It was a chase of epic proportions, but some fantastic neighbours helped James and I round them up. Three middle aged women and a small boy running frantically around waving sticks and shouting "Here piggies!"  must have been a site to behold :D  I repaired the gaps as best I could.  Thankfully the master fencer is back now and has taken care of it properly.

And we also managed to fit in some Christmas baking and cooking too.  I will be sharing this cranberry recipe later in the week.

Just snapshots of our week here - trying to hold on to these everyday moments that might be forgotten in the busy-ness of life.  What joys have touched you over these last Seven Days?

This will be the last of my Seven Days posts for a while. I hope to return to it, or something similar in the New Year. Thank you for joining in with me. xxx


  1. That first photo is wonderful. And the runaway pig......well, just what to expect with pigs really! Have a great Xmas all.

  2. Absolutely stunning first photo! And what a week! I bet you had many a story to tell John on his return!!

  3. Oh no, I feel responsible. I never should have mentioned that those piggies were minding and staying in their pens. Glad you were able to catch them and that your master fencer has returned.

  4. have been a very busy mama!! Can you believe christmas is so close? The elves here in Tx need to get busy:) -B

  5. Oh those cheeky little piggies! So glad you had some lovely neighbors to help put them back in their place.
    St. Nicholas was very busy this year wasn't he? I can't believe his day has already come and gone again! He is a pretty well loved saint in my home.
    Oh, I am very excited to receive another recipe, especially for cranberries. I have several bags in the freezer and need something to do with them!

  6. Great pictures. I'm glad you didn't have damage from the winds, they were horrible here too. Made me think perhaps living on top of a hill wasn't the smartest thing to do.......

  7. Yes I love the first photo too, soo atmospheric. Big love mama x

  8. Just added mine

    both the ups and the downs of this week (although fortunately there were more ups ;) )

  9. Amazing photo's. Glad you weren't affected to much by the mini hurricane. I spent a lot of Thursday standing at the big windows watching anxiously as Oscar's huge trampoline bounced down the garden and the new and not very full garden shed tip over. We have the railway lines over the garden wall so I was terrified. Loving the jim-jams they look so cosy.

  10. I bet you were definitely having a ball chasing the pigs! They are very smart animals and if they found a way out that makes them smarter. Glad you did not have damage from the winds.

  11. james looks so much older!!
    Seems like you had a funfilled week - I can only just imagine you all chasing that pig!!! LOL
    Love that picture of James by the fireplace - how lovely that some people celebrate St. Nicholas over here too!
    The snowy picture could be a postcard it´s very pretty!!
    Kimmy xxx

  12. What lovely photos and scenery! Loving the images of the Great pig escape!!
    Here are my seven days!

  13. So glad you got your piggies back, what a kerfuffle that must have been!! xx

  14. A full week indeed! Glad to hear you made it okay through your hurricanes!
    Here is my seven day post:

    Wishing you a wonderful week!
    p.s. thank you for your lovely comment!

  15. Love the frantically blurred shot of the pig and James. I can imagine the panic LOL.

    Glad that wind has died down a bit. I was a bit worried for you up there.

    You are helping to get me into the Chrimbo spirit Jacqui - must do some baking...

  16. winter storms--and a pig chase!!! what a week!! glad they all had a happy ending....

  17. winter storms--and a pig chase!!! what a week!! glad they all had a happy ending....

  18. The great pig escape sounds like something out of 'Babe'

    The snowy scenery is stunning.

  19. Great photos. Glad you were safe in the

  20. Thanks everyone - the pig escape was mad - quite funny now, but at the time i was thinking "What am I doing here?" lol.
    Stay warm. xx

  21. I love your description of the pig escape. Sounds a lot like when our goats get out--funny, but not so fun at the time!

  22. i hope you don't give the seven days posts up. they're my favorites of all.
    merry christmas.

  23. What a dramatic week! I hope this one is calmer for you xx

  24. Thank you - lovely to see all the Seven days.
    Jeanette - I am only having a wee break over the Christmas and New Year, as I have one or two ideas for other posts coming up. I will get back to them, as I enjoy them too :)
    Megg - there is some in the ether on it's way to you now. xxx

  25. how lovely that St. Nicholas visits your house. very fun. your pigs make me laugh every time i hear about them. i had no idea that pigs are so clever and so cheeky.

  26. Fab - again! Lovey to have a peek

    Here are mine

    Fay xxxx


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