Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Shopping in Stornoway

So, what is there to do on a dark Midwinter afternoon in Stornoway?  Go Shopping of course!  Lets see if we can find a bit of Christmas sparkle. Come along with me.

There are some lovely shiny things at the Arts Centre, An Lanntair, and an excellent exhibition on just now. Not to mention the coffee and cakes.  But no time for that now.  Across the street, Inspiration has the most gorgeous shimmery dress in the window ~ sigh.

Okay then - round the corner to Murdo MacLean's - our department store.  Every town should have a shop like this.  In fact, every town used to have one, until out of town shopping centres took over.  Don't you love that Santa?  A wee bit further along there is K Macdonald's, pharmacist and gift shop.  How cool is that window display?

Oh - just got to quickly nip into the bank. Can you wait there a minute?  Thanks.

Right then - across the road to the Hebridean Chocolate shop.  This is what is known as a pop-up shop; only open until Christmas.  Shame really, as the chocolate really is delicious. but we can buy it all year round in other outlets all over the island.  James wants to go and see if the RNLI shop is open, but it isn't, so instead we will cross over and look at the stunning display in the Hebridean Jewellery shop.  Very, very nice place.

Ah - one of my favourites now.  The Good Food Boutique.  A delicatessen and purveyor of fine foods.  My favourite place for cheeses and all sorts of goodies.  James particularly wants you to notice this gingerbread house.  I think he remembers my farcical attempts at creating one last year, and doesn't want to miss out again. Is that a hint James?

Back down the street now, we pass Wee W's - formerly the Woolworth's store.  Santa looks a bit too comfy there.  I hope he wakes up in time!

And on round to the loveliness of Mosaic - gorgeous vintage-themed homewares and candles, and next door is Delights - another yummy delicatessen - but different to the Good Food Boutique, so I really have to visit both, don't you think?  It has a nice coffee bar too.

Heading home now, let's stop in for a chat with Linzi.  Her shop, Linzi's Yummies is certainly the yummiest smelling shop in town.  She makes all her own stock - candles, soaps, bath bombs etc - sls free too. And what's more she is a really lovely lady. 

Well, that's about it for today, although there are lots of other great places that i didn't have time to visit.  Anyway,  I hope you enjoyed our little shopping trip.  Thirsty work though.  Lets have some raspberry lemonade. Cheers!


  1. Ah Jacqui what a lovely town you have there! Gorgeous little shops, window shopping is definately a treat in itself! How do you manage to get home with money in your pockets (or do you)!? xxx

  2. lovely post, i enjoyed walking around with you and james :-)

  3. Phew! I'm shattered after all that shopping.

    Great shops in Stornoway!x

  4. That was a lovely time window shop with you both. Thanks for the tour.

  5. Stornoway! That took me back - we lived in Balmerino Drive for a year and then moved to Lochganvich (I went to school at the Nicolson Institute and then in Achmore). Stornoway became an exciting weekly trip on Saturday with my half crown pocket money. Pik-n-mix from Woolies (had to last the whole week) and then chip shop and sit on the harbourside in Dad's Singer Gazelle estate eating and watching seagulls. Fantastic memories - thank you for reminding me!

    Dad was a civilian but worked on RAF bases listening to Chinese and - on Stornoway at least - the Russians. He occasionally blacked out the island's TV when the equipment went wrong! We got to move about a bit...

  6. It was a lovely shopping day and I enjoyed myself immensely! Thank goodness for the lemonade, I was parched.
    Did you take the hint and James has a gingerbread house?

  7. Thank you for such a lovely post. It's quite nostalgic to see a town like that;reminds me of the town where I grew up. Those kind of places seems to barely exist anymore, what with the proliferation of malls, and I do miss that small town feeling, especially at Christmas.

  8. Thank you for that great stroll around Stornoway. I've never been on the islands at Christmas-time and it's great to see!

  9. I echo everything my brother, Owl Wood, said. That was such an evocative trip down memory lane. So much the same, so many things changed. Wonderful. A lovely post.

  10. Cheers! Thanks for the tour of

  11. Thanks all - glad you enjoyed the trip. Carly - it is a very tempting place, I have to say.
    So nice to hear your memories, Owl Wood and Elaine. I pass through Lochganvich and Achmore frequently, and I love that stretch of road. The old school building is still there.
    Tracey - well - maybe :)
    Susan, it is such a pity. i fear for these small shops and try to do my bit to keep them going. xxx

  12. The Christmas displays are just lovely... did you buy the gingerbread house for your wee laddie then? He was looking hopeful for sure!!

    Hugs San xx

  13. Thanks for the tour. I long to live near a little town with shops to look in the windows at things. I particularly miss the Christmas decorations.

  14. so many fun places:) aren't all jewelry stores lovely? haha! I love the smell of bath products..I bet that store smells wonderful! Glad you shared your day with me! ~b

  15. wow what a lovely shops you have there!
    Sadly in my town there are mostly big chain shops, so nothing unique here :-(

    i hope you received my thank-you mail for the nice presents!

  16. Oh Jacqui! So much fun. Thank you for the shopping trip. I absolutely love all those wonderful window displays.

  17. thanks for the shopping trip. it was fun. i don't think i spent much but i do need a cuppa tea now. :)

  18. Thankyou so much for all your support :) ...have a magical christmas lots of love for 2012 xxxx

  19. I loved this! Only been to Stornaway in summer, and then I was looking for binoculars, having fallen in the sea with mine.

    I love Christmas window displays, and so many of them I see are the duplicated-for-all-the-branches variety so this was brilliant.


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