Sunday, November 13, 2011

Seven Days

Seven Days of mainly glorious sunshine and balmy weather. Seven Days of being outdoors, basking in the rays of this late Autumn sunshine. So many beautiful and joyful moments in this past week:

♥ Always entranced by this view - I love to capture the changing seasons from this hilltop.  Noticing how    the colours are - oh so slowly beginning to fade.

♥ Appreciating the joys of line dried laundry - always a satisfying sight.

♥ Enjoying an idle afternoon watching the boats slide across the mirrored surface of Stornoway harbour.

♥ Spending time down at our own shore, collecting sea glass and other treasures.

♥ Full Moon gazing.

♥ Patiently waiting while a small boy wonders how to spend his birthday money.

♥ And -  Remembering.

♥ ♥ ♥

So many things happen in our busy lives that I want to hold on to. Little things - things that might go unnoticed, or missed in the hurly burly. Nothing special and yet - oh - how completely special!
What ordinary - extraordinary happenings have touched you in the last Seven Days?  If you would like to join in - on any day, please leave a link in the comments, and we can all share in the joy.. xxx

*A reminder too about my anniversary Giveaway.  Comments can be left here until 21st November.


  1. oh my goodness jacqui, we are kindred spirits and now i think i may have been born in the wrong place or time.
    LOVE that view
    clothlines are a favorite of mine
    and water (with boats)
    and SEAGLASS!
    the moon is gorgeous
    and oh! little boys, james haircut is so cute.
    and yes to remembering...
    lovely seven days, i've enjoyed my visit as always. i hope your next seven are just as lovely!
    (what did james choose?) :)

  2. My memory of the last week is laying a wreath to honour my relatives who fought in the First World War. I love the red stone of your memorial. What type is it?

  3. ah how wonderful, missing those sights Lady, so much and you all x
    Have posted up my seven days, thanks for your comment and the inspiration for stopping and remembering the goodness in each and every day, love lots and lots xx

  4. Love the sea glass! I collected some when we were at the shore but not nearly enough for me.

  5. I always think of the airmen who didn't return. My Dad was a navigator in Lancaster bombers and was fortunate enough to return.

    There was a programme of the Wellington bomber the other night which was built about 30 miles from us. They were talking to the people who worked there, now in their late 80s. They had a challenge to build and complete one in about 30 hours.

    I don't think the young people today have any idea of how people did cope in those times. I wonder how I would have fared, although if I had been quite old enough, I would have just accepted it.

  6. Love the stillness of the water.

  7. A beautiful seven days gone by. Remembered to share ours too, a little boys memories captured forever this week.
    Thank you for the inspiration.

  8. Jacqui, I just love your photos!

    I feel as if my days are so rushed. Wishing I could relish each moment - but maybe I try to hard to find the moments when they are happening right under my nose :) Have a good week!

  9. Your postings and photographs refresh my spirit.

  10. Joining in with you this week. Thank you so much for the inspiration of looking at the ordinary with fresh eyes.


    How does the week go so quickly?

  12. That is a beautiful seven days and each time I visit here it makes me want to pack my bags and move to your island. Love all the photos,
    clothes on the line is one of my favorite sights along with collecting sea glass. Thank you so much for letting me see glimpes into your days!

  13. LOVE the harbour pictures and that sea glass is awesome! I've seen jewlery made from it :)

  14. A good seven days- and a picture to remid me to get the washing on the line NOW!!!!

  15. Hnaging washing on the line is a secret pleasure of mine!
    Love the photos and the joined you too in the remberance over the weekend.

  16. I took photos of my laundry this weekend too-lol!!
    Love your 7 days...yes, that top photo is breathtaking as is your photo of the moon.
    Well..they all are great! :)
    Hope you have a wonderful week!

  17. I have a thing about photo's of washing lines ... what is it? I still can't quite put my finger on it. And the sea glass ... it looked like sticks of angelica in your sons hand ... or at least thats what my imagination wanted it to be ;0)
    Much love X X X


    This is such a lovely idea. Here's is our contribution

  19. So glad to see some of you joining in. I have loved sharing in your worlds.
    Marjorie - the top part of the memorial is Balmoral marble - red, black and browny colours. I am not too sure about the bottom - i think it is pink sandstone, but I will have a closer look.
    Lori-Ann - he went for a yellow submarine toy with lots of bits. Quite good in terms of play value, and he is really enjoying it.
    It was such a good day for sea glass - we just kept on finding it - all green. I saw some beautiful sea glass sculptures in a magazine today.

    Thank you all so much for your lovely comments.

  20. moon gazing and laundry off the line are two of my favorite things! This is a lovely post. Barefoot Me:)

  21. love laundry on the line and the picture of your wee boy in the toy store is priceless. such anticipation. my favorite though is of the harbour and the coloured buildings on the front there. i love that practise of painting your house a wonderful shade of blue, yellow or red .. fantastic. it is always a treat to see your photos from the week. thank you!

  22. I could spend hours gazing at your beautiful landscape Jacqui, your photography makes me feel like I'm almost there.

    I had a lump im my throat this rememberance Sunday, my 16 year old son is considering joining the army..........very mixed emotions for me, proud and fearful. x

  23. What a lovely 7 days. I see that great minds do think alike--with pictures of laundry. You can guess we both live in the north of Scotland perhaps!

  24. Utterly wonderful...I love your seven days. Gosh what fantastic photos. I love washing lines.
    Have a great time.
    Much love


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