Sunday, October 2, 2011

This week in Autumn

Well it has been a hectic week, I can tell you.  I really feel ready for this cup of tea.  I have already blogged (if that is a verb) much of the happenings on the croft this week,  but here are one or two bits and pieces that might have otherwise missed the cut.

The Autumn season moves on into it's second month - an DĂ mhar (pr davaar), which means the rutting time.  The leaves are turning now, and the browns and golds are covering the land.

While some parts of the mainland experienced an unseasonal heatwave - temperatures of 29 deg, I was told - we have been enjoying our usual mix of weathers here. Glorious sunrises, heavy rains and high winds, and then spectacular sunsets. 

and the odd day of blue - blue skies - reflected in glassy calm seas.

You might have met the piglets in a previous post.  They have calmed down a bit more, and there have been no more escape attempts today.  Just snoozing in the warm morning sun, and settling into their house tonight - with a lot of jumping and running around in between.

We have had surprise presents in the post from lovely friends who are coming to stay with us in a few weeks time. 

And we have played all afternoon on the beach. We never ever tire of this, and it really sets us up for another busy week.

I hope that the sun rises on a wonderful week ahead for you all. xxx


  1. so pleased our stories arrived
    more glorious photos, how stunningly beautiful
    hugs for the coming week xx

  2. Lovely.

    Have a great week Jacqui.

  3. Have a fantastic week too! I am sure it will be a busy one with those pigs to look after :)
    Stunning pictures, where do you live? it´s so beautiful!
    p.s. did you get my reply on the green parent forum?
    Kimmy xx

  4. Beautiful photos as usual. I'm a sucker for sunset and cloud photos.

  5. so pretty and such colours all around you! Thanks for sharing xx

  6. I hope your week is as beautiful as the photos you posted. xx

  7. Blimey, look at those waves rolling in on the beach! And those piggies look like butter wouldn't melt!

    Hope you manage to put your feet up a bit more this week.

  8. I could have done with a walk on your beautiful beach this weekend, it has been so hot here, I'm not really a hot weather person.....your sunsets are truly magnificent. x

  9. a spotty mug to match a spotty tablecloth!
    The heat is easing down here, I'm getting as much washing done and dried before the rain arrives!

  10. gorgeous pics! (as always) -- funny, the coaster under your tea mug looks familiar...;)

    happy autumn to you!


  11. Beautiful! Have a wonderful week!

  12. Hello there! Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. I'm so glad you commented, coz now I've found your wonderful blog! Off to read some more! :) xx

  13. Wow, fab sunrises and ooh the beach looks great Aww sweet piggies too :-)

    Ooh and to have moorland and the sea! Precious.

  14. What lovely photographs. I especially like your deep pink sunset! And the piggie-wigs too of course. Sending you good wishes for the first week of October.

  15. So still here in Orkney you could hear the chugs of the ferries engines on Sunday. Severe gales today, very changeable.

    Love it when folks send goodies in the post. Enjoy and recharge. X

  16. So wonderful! I've been a little over my head in the world of homeschool these last few weeks. It's so nice to find time to enjoy your blog again.

    Side note, I recently read a (young adult fantasy fiction) book recently that featured a Scotsman. I became so enthralled with him that I started to google video clips of Scottish accents just to imagine his voice. Pathetic, maybe. But it's true! (also, it's probably the beer that makes it seem okay to admit this to you.)

    Much love,

  17. you live in such a beautiful part of the world. I'd love to live near the sea and to be able to walk on the beach every day *sigh*. always look forward to your blog :-)
    blessings, Willow x

  18. Beautiful piggy photo! Much Thomas love down here too, always! xx

  19. Those pigs are adorable and that sunset is to die for. So glad your busy-ness has contained such beauty.

  20. Beautiful. i too could never tire of such beautiful sunrises and sunsets.
    Much love

  21. Beautiful photographs!! Those piggies are delightful, I'm glad they've settled in to their new home! I love your beach photos and no wonder you never tire of going there, I wouldn't either. xxxxxx

  22. Gorgeous, gorgeous photos all. Do you get to see the northern lights (easily or not) where you are?
    My goodness, spectacular sunsets indeed!!


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