Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pig patrol.

Oh yes - we need the latest technology to keep up with these clever little piggies, whose sole mission seems to be to escape.  Today, we returned home to find them happily waiting on the front doorstep for us.

They have found a way into the herb bed, and have had quite a bit of fun exploring in here.  It seems that the electric fencing round the back of their pen was not working as well as it should.

Yes - it is you we are talking about!  Look at them - butter wouldn't melt....
Anyway, hopefully we plugged this particular gap - until they find the next one.  The orange string, by the way, has foil strips attached to it in a vain bid to keep the starlings away from their food.  Yeah - right!  Another battle lost.


Ah well - it is all part of life's generosity.  Never a dull moment and all that.  And just because, at the end of the day, those piggies are so cute - here they are starring in their own short video - Windy day in the Pig Pen.


  1. I absolutely love their spots the best!!

  2. I wish you the best! "butter won't melt"? I love it!
    I remember coming home from chuch, 7 months pregnant, and chasing pigs around the fields in my 'good' clothes! They are curious creatures! xx

  3. *giggle*

    i bet it's hard to be really cross with them...they really do look innocent...


  4. pigs are so hilarious! i don't get to see them very often around here, so thanks for sharing your funny pig posts. :)

  5. 'Windy Day' is such an artsy little flick... and the cast is just adorable!!

    Blessings, Debbie

  6. the three little pigs, they really do look like the best of friends. your posts are so much fun. i wish we lived in a place where we could have them too.

  7. Sounds like they know where home is though, if they were staying around the house! Or is it that they were caught in the act, and would have strayed further given the chance?!

    Sounds like they are bringing a certain "je ne sais quoi" to your lives at the moment!!

  8. Those little boogers do manage to get into almost everything....and everywhere! Still, they are adorable at that stage, as we recall! Lucky the front door was shut, methinks!

  9. Looks like you've got the piggy equivalent of Steve McQueen and Dickie Attenborough there Jacqui.

    Make sure they don't have any more escape committee meetings...lol

  10. aww they look so much fun and so cute!! I bet James is loving them! The video is great too!xx

  11. I love those clever little piggies! They are certainly keeping you busy.xxx

  12. Great herb garden - no wonder the pigs enjoyed their visit!

  13. Aren't they just fab!! Are they going in your freezer? I think I would get too attached. Best not give them names, perhaps?

  14. At least they had the courtesy to wait for you by the front door! And, is it not the case that as they get bigger it will be harder for them to squeeze through the cracks in your defenses? I'm glad you're enjoying the Three Little Pigs.

  15. Oh What fun !!! two little pigs that are sooo cute.I believe they have great memories and are very smart too. Good Luck! x

  16. They are just so darn cute, even if they are naughty.

  17. I miss you posting on Ginny's Small Things! I have been so busy I have not checked in several weeks so today I looked especially for you. I really enjoyed reading about your little pigs. I am so sorry about your dog. Our Lucy is 7 years old and I know it will be so hard when she passes. Thanks for sharing your life on your blog, I enjoy coming by to visit!

  18. Thank you all. xx
    Debi - i haven't really had any wooly work to report on yarn along for a couple of weeks, and I felt the world might get bored if I showed my ripple all the time. Thank you for your sweet comment. xx
    Christine - they will get bigger but that brings a different set of problms - they will be able to lift the fence or knock over the fence posts.
    Ally - I am afraid so, how we will be at the time, I don't know, but i will blog about it. - no point in pretending, or just talking - we have to walk the walk too. xx
    Iain - one of our neighbours had his 1st set of pigs in and around the house - nooo!
    Claire - it was definitely a guilty look.
    Thanks all again - I could go on and on with tales of these wily pigglings. xx


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