Thursday, October 6, 2011

A bit quiet on the home front

Well, apart from the howling of the winds, that is.  
Just really dropping in to say hello and apologise that I have not had time to visit everyone this week.

We have been very busy with our new charges - they escaped again yesterday, but happily came back following a bucket of pig nuts.  They are so funny running around and suddenly spring up vertically into the air.  Who said pigs couldn't fly?  Mind you, with the winds we have had this week, I wouldn't be at all surprised to see them shooting past the window. Still, they have made nice, cosy nests in their wee house, so they have been staying indoors quite a lot too.

And then Robbie is not great.  He is 14, or 98 in dog years, is blind and has been struggling a lot with mobility problems for a while.  He is in a lot of pain, and can't lie down for very long.  We have been putting in a lot of night shifts with him lately, so it is time for a visit to the vet tomorrow.  Hopefully he can prescribe some strong painkillers and maybe a sedative for night time.  We will see.  We certainly can't go on much longer like this.

On a happier note, we are also busy getting ready for our October visitors, as well as becoming involved in various community events.  More on that next week - and - the new arrival...has arrived!
No pictures yet, as I haven't had a chance, but soon... oh yes. xxx


  1. Oh bless Robbie. Hope the vet can do something for him. Chatting to Mum today about her dog (a similar age to Robbie) and her vet bills are astronomical! She has had a few worrying times with her, but whilst the dog is happy (if a little deaf, blind, incontinent, etc) the money is well spent.

    Isn't there a Winnie the pooh story of piglet being blown away by the wind, and only his unravelling scarf saving him? Perhaps that's what the little piggies need... little stripey scarves to compliment their spots!

  2. Our winds are blowing fierce today too!
    Oh Robbie! When I saw him in that photo the other day, I could tell he is getting near the end of it. It's certainly not an easy decision but so hard to watch them suffer!
    I will be holding you [all] in my thought Jacqui, with much love.

  3. Claire has a good idea! little scarves could be your next knitting project. And guess what. all you knitting bloggers have got the non knitter actually sitting here knitting a scarf. starting simple with some funky yarn!
    Will post about it later, if your interested in seeing a novices first attempts lol!!
    Looking forward to seeing your new arrival...... cow? pony?.... oh no... Goat!!!

  4. Oh, those curious little piglets have been busy! They really are cute!
    I hope you find some comfort for Robbie. Our pets become such a part of our family don't they? My little dog is just like one of my children.xx

  5. if you can get your hands on some Sasha's Blend for Robbie, it's a great thing. my wee sausage dog with the bad back is on it and he doesn't need his pain meds anymore. I don't know if you can get it in the UK...probably though, it came from Oz first.

    also - gabapentin would be good...and safe for his pain.

    our old Jack Russell (he's 15) has the night-time's maddening but not uncommon for the old-timers...;) it's a bit of senility really...

    okay, vet tech signing off...(sorry, i can't help myself)

    i LOVE the piggies!! they're so clever, aren't they?


  6. Just visualising flying piglets!!!!

    A hug to old Robbie. So long as he can raise a wag to his tail, he is ok. When that goes, he will have had enough. You will know, sad though it may be, he has had a long life for his breed.

  7. Sorry to read about poor Robbie, he certainly looks miserable.

    Hope you have a lovely time with your October visitors, can't wait to see picture of latest arrival!! It's all go at your end.

    Big hugs San xx

  8. I hope the vet has something for Robbie :) He looks like such a sweetheart and I bet he is a joy!

  9. Good luck at the vets with Robbie, I hope they can offer him something to help. Our 9 year old lady dog is just recovering from being neutered after contracting an awful womb infection, bless her. These dogs eh! Hope all goes well xxx

  10. Love and blessings to dear Robbie.
    And you too!xxx

  11. Love the little piggies -- so cute! And best wishes to Robbie. We've had collies over the years too, and it seems they've all had troubles with joint pain and/or hip dysplasia -- so sad when they get to that phase of life. Hope he gets some meds to make him feel much better!

  12. This is a lovely blog so many characters such a lot to say.I will come back for a longer read.

  13. Oh those sweet sweet little piggies.
    Sorry to hear about your poor pup, it so hard to see dear pets getting older.

  14. I am going to put you on blogs I like and follow you too! :)

  15. Dear Jacqui,
    so sorry to hear about your Robbie! Our dog died aged 14, too , after a wonderful happy life. I am sure , Robbie had a lovely life with you and you will have so many many happy memories.
    Kimmy xx


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