Monday, October 17, 2011

Apologies again..

I forgot to introduce to you our newest arrival, despite having heavily trailed its appearance in previous posts.

Here he comes, being put through his paces by one of our neighbours.

and by the proud Crofter himself.  

Ok - not quite as cute as the piglets or cows, but very handsome nevertheless.  So, without further ado, let me present our 1953 Ferguson TEF20 tractor.  He hasn't been named yet - Fergie seems to obvious, and also, our surname is ferguson, so we have enough Fergie's in the family  Any suggestions welcome below.


  1. I'm not clever enough to come up with a name (not Fergie though) but I like it!!

  2. My husband would drool over this! I love the smile on your husband's face. What is it about men and tractors? My husband always smiles when he is riding his! xx

  3. ohhh i like that! I would have a smile too if i got to play on a tractor! You been allowed a drive yet?

  4. Well, it is a family addition to him! Looks like he is having the time of his life.

  5. Makes me sing "Postman Pat, Postman Pat, Postman Pat on his grey and black trac" :-)

    Maybe we can come up with a verse for Crofter John...

  6. it's very smart looking, love the photos too. congratulations to your happy husband. great smile. i don't know what to name it, but i'm pretty sure its a boy, if that helps. :)

  7. Tractor Ted comes immediately to mind :) Or maybe Doug?
    Smart tractor :)

  8. I love the smile on your husband's face. It's priceless! How about Thomas Edison Ferguson (TEF) and call him "Tommy the Tractor". You can write a children's book for your son about his adventures. It's really fun to make personalized story books for kids. They love them. Are you planning to crochet a comfy tractor seat cushion for hubby? I am picturing something with bright colored ripples. Very happy for you. Oh, and our little son, Joaquin, who just turned 3 was delighted with your pig video. He watched it over and over again.

  9. What a lovely tractor - surely one of the ultimate boys toys. If its vintage is anything to go by then that tractor is very fine indeed, 1953 was a VERY good year!

    As to tractor names, well in our family we have watched far too many of the 'Little Red Tractor' stories with our grandson, Harry, to come up with anything interesting or unusual.

  10. I like the name Bruce Ferguson, but hey, I am an Aussie and Bruce is kinda blokey!


  11. Fred or Bert spring to mind, great piece of machinery x

  12. If I had a tractor that is the sort of tractor I would have!
    As for a name, how about Hercules.
    Much love.

  13. Coooooorrrrr!

    Every big boys dream - they're own tractor. Bbrrrmmmmm, bbrrrmmmm...

    Very envious. I'd call mine Duggie.

  14. I was thinking of Terence!

    Your hubby looks very happy... boys and their toys eh?! Mine would be in his element driving a locomotive!!

    Our daughter Sara has a 33 week tractor driving course as part of her land management extended diploma.

    Hugs to you all San and co xx

  15. Haha - great suggestions there. GZ - Fester did cross my mind - and Doug is a great name - also since the man who had the croft before us was called Dougal. He had an old grey Fergie too, and there are still one or two bits of it around in the various buildings.
    San - 33 weeks? What a wonderful furrow she will be able to plough after that. I haven't had a go yet, but I will soon.
    Kerry - a ripple seat cover is such a great idea! So pleased Joaquim loved the pigs. I will try to post another video in a week or so - they have really grown.
    Hmmm - Hercules is a good name too
    We will see what evolves. xx

  16. Digger?

    I bet the boys are loving it aren't they.
    Could always gor for an Earthy name, linking it's work to the earth - Gaia, Terra ...

  17. I love that you name your things... my car is Fatty Patty, our home is Tallulah, and almost every car I have ever owned has had a name: Nellie, Burt, Sissie, Josepha, Bartholomew... LOL! You get the picture. I think these things kind of reveal their names while you are working with them... so, I'll be watching to see who this is. ;)

    Stopped by after seeing your sweet gift to Debbie of No Spring Chicken. She is one of my faves. I see you are a knitter, too! Very pleased to meet you and look forward to getting to know you better. blessings ~ tanna

  18. HOW COOL!!!! Jamie would so love it at your home!
    I would call him Harrison LOL
    Kimmy xxx

  19. Very cool, my son Arthur will think this 10 times more exciting than piggys!! lol x x x x

  20. That tractor looks like it has lots of character! Hope you get a turn behind the wheel soon. How I would love to drive a tractor.

  21. Fabulous! How can you not name her Fergie? Sort of rolls off the tongue so that even if you chose a different name you would still be calling her Fergie!

    I received something lovely yesterday afternoon... I can't wait to settle in with it. A lovely addition to a day that got harder towards the end. I just kept walking by it and smiling. Remembering the kindness of a far away friend. XX Debbie

  22. I'd simply call him Fes, pronounced Fezz. x

  23. How about Fearghal , it's gaelic and means Brave and valorous x

  24. What a beauty! How about the Silver Fox? (Not to be confusing it with its driver!)

  25. Oh - wow , some great names again.
    Lol - Christine
    Tracey - DD1 and i were talking about Feargal Sharkey today!
    Hello Tanna nd Colourful girl - so nice of you to drop by x
    ebbi - so pleased it found it's way over to you. xx

    Thank you all again, everyone. I really appreciate you taking the time. xx

  26. Congratulations. That is one fine tractor. There's something about a tractor that just tugs at my heart.

  27. A fine looking gent - My brother in law has one of his relatives!
    How about Arthur?

  28. I think she looks like a Nellie.


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