Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I ♥ ♥ ♥ - yarn along

Thought I would give you a wee rest from the ripple this week, and show you another couple of projects that are on the go.  A neckwarmer/ cowl type thing for John, who is outdoors most days, and  finding that Southwesterly quite draughty on the back of the neck.  I am using Paton's Donata in a petrol blue shade to match his waterproof - how stylish he will be.  It is a nice soft yarn - all acrylic, but it is a bit squeaky to knit with.  This is my car project.
I am also knitting these wee hearts with a view to making   ♥ ♥ ♥ bunting for the mantlepiece.  I have an idea in my mind - no idea if it will work, but it looks a bit like this -

Red hearts and some kind of knitted or crocheted cord in green maybe?? Sorry about the very blurry photo - and  - oooh - just look at that naughty ripple sneaking in there...tut tut ;)

This is my reading at the moment - very interesting library book about rationing in the years during and post WWII.  And a big event, in my calendar, anyway, the arrival of the OG seed catalogue - yay.

Happy yarning everyone   ♥  Joining in with Ginny and others for the weekly Yarn Along.

ETA: Quick pattern details for the little hearts - two minutes to do.
I am using a DK yarn and 5 mm needles, but you can use whatever you like really.
Knit into front and back of each stitch.
next and every alt row Purl
Inc 1st and last stitch on every knit row until 10 stitches are on needle
K2 tog, K3, Turn
Work on these 5 sts
P 2 tog X2
Cast off 
Work on rem 5 sts
K3 K2tog
P2 tog X2
cast off - weave in ends and block



  1. Those hearts are so cute- I love the idea to string them together-

  2. I love the wee hearts. I have toyed with the same idea. I am thinking of little sweaters as well. It looks like the ripple is coming along as well.

  3. You are really inspiring me to learn to knit! Some day soon. The little heart chain is the sweetest twee thing I have seen.

  4. Lovely, lovely, lovely! I love the hearts and I love your reading matter too!
    Much love
    p.s wish I could join you for a knit and read and discussion about seeds. I love seed catalogues.

  5. That bunting will look lovely, you'll have to do an in-situ photo shot!

    World War Two memorabilia in particular the Home Front are some of my favourite reads.

    Here's waving a mug of tea in your general direction!!

    San xx

  6. The crochet hearts are very pretty and I'm thinking wouldn't they look lovely in red and green as an alternative christmas decoration for the mantlepiece......your WW2 reading material looks very interesting. x

  7. The knitted hearts are adorable... they would be good to pop into greetings cards!
    Jane Gray

  8. I love the little hearts-I can't wait to see the bunting too! Those would look so sweet stitched on to the backs of some mittens;)

  9. I love having little things on the go when such a large project is also on the go, a quick sense of achievement!

    Seed catalogues :) :) :)

  10. Lovely hearts!! I'm crocheting a cowl in the exact same blue colour!
    Love, Sacha (maarnietvangrijs)

  11. I love the hearts. Is this something you made up or are you following a pattern? xx

  12. There is that ripple tempting me once again. :-) I am trying to keep to my motto of UFOs must be done to start something new. And I have just showed a peek at a crochet UFO which I really do want to finish this autumn. Soooo, that ripple must wait.

    Love your hearts!

    I am addicted to making crochet cowls. I just finished one that I cannot show until a blogging friend receives it in the post. It is my favorite yet but then I think I say that with each new Looking forward to seeing yours done.

    Hugs from Holland ~

  13. Fellow Scottish blogger and latest follower, glad I found you, I'll be back! :-)

  14. The hearts are just so adorable and made me smile :)

  15. Love the hearts. I have in the past used hearts a lot in my crafting. There's something so appealing about them. That WW11 looks very interesting.

  16. Thank you all for your lovely comments - they are all very much appreciated.
    A cup of tea, a chat, and a browse over seed catalogues sounds like a wonderful idea.
    PM - wee sweater bunting sounds so cute.
    I think the hearts would be good for all sorts of projects.
    T - it is a very easy pattern, and they take literally two minutes to make. I will add the pattern to the end of the post later.
    Lily - I just realised that all my living rooms have had dark red and green colour schemes. it is very handy at Christmas time, i must say.
    Hello AHITH - lovely to meet you.
    Thanks again i have loved checking out all your lovely blogs. xx

  17. loving the Hearts and sooooo wishing i could knit! Can't wait to see the finished project!

  18. loving the Hearts and sooooo wishing i could knit! Can't wait to see the finished project!

  19. I love those little hearts <3 This is my first time to your blog, and what I have seen so far is very beautiful. I am favouriting you, and will be back often!

  20. You are a darling! Your shared the heart pattern.... I'm in love with your idea.

    Blessings, Debbie

  21. I really should try and join in this yarn along - two of my favourite things!

    Lovely bunting in progress and I enjoyed that book too from the library, enjoy.

    Mmmmmmmm ... seeds x

  22. loving the hearts, what a sweet garland that will make :-) The spuds and spam book looks great too :-)

  23. I love those little hearts!

    The rationing book sounds quite interesting. Going to have to look for it!

  24. Just found your blog. I've just received my OG catalogue. In fact it felt like my birthday, with several other seed catalogues and my tulip order turning up . . .yey! What an amazing place to live we spent a week on Skye and a week on Mull in June and had the most lovely holiday. We were blown away by the scenery. I've added you to my 'Blogs I like' section.

  25. I keep meaning to make these! I think I saw them somewhere in blog-dom as a crafty Valentine's project, and have been intending to ever since...
    It doesn't take me awhile to get around to things :-)

    Also, that book looks like an amazing read!

  26. Your comment about the naughty ripple making an appearance made me laugh out loud. I really delight in reading your blog. Thank you :)


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