Sunday, September 18, 2011

This week in Autumn

What a glorious Autumn week it has been here.  I love the glowing colour of this crocosmia - a common sight all over the island right now, where it is often grown as a windbreak.  it really comes into it's own at this time of year.
Thankfully the anticipated storm passed us by, although I know some areas on the mainland had high winds. We enjoyed being out and about most days, appreciating the colours of the season. So many lovely things about the past week - here are some of them.

Sunny mornings, still warm enough to sit outside with an early cup of tea

 and watch the tide seep silently into the sea-loch.

Driving into town, beautiful skies, straight roads, and good music playing on the radio.  Feeling my heart signing along with the sheer joy of it all.

Finding subtle Autumn colours down at the seashore,

and enjoying an impromptu beach picnic with a boy.

Finding more obvious signs of the season, strolling through the castle grounds

and enjoying a delicious lunch with a girl.

Misty Mountains,

Celebrity football matches (Police V Fire Brigade)

Family Fun days,

and huge bowls of home-made popcorn.

I hope you are enjoying the changing colours of your season, and that you have some space and time to bask in the everyday beauty.
Another busy week ahead for us - a lot of crofting and crafting coming up - and a new arrival!  All will be revealed in the coming week, so join me then.

♥ Love and blessings to you all for the coming week♥


  1. All looking lovely....and still full of promise...... Those misty mountains look wonderful, evocative of the Highlands & islands at its best! And the popcorn looks pretty inviting too! Best.

  2. oh I love the morning cuppa photo, it really captures the moment. much love x x

  3. It looks like your Autumn is off to a wonderful start!

  4. I always love crocosmia and sedums in the autumn with their colours ablaze.

    So whose joining you this week then? Guessing maybe you're adding to your livestock.

    Happy Autumn days xxx

  5. certainly does look like a lovely week :-)

  6. I'm sure there's nothing more lovely than enjoying that first cuppa of the day with a little yarn work on your lap and such a beautiful view to gaze upon.

    lily x

  7. Beautiful photos - they really inspire me to get out with my camera more. But, I think you are also blessed with a very photogenic landscape!

  8. I love these photos - the misty mountains and ocean lovely. And the crocosmias! - Ours are blooming, too, all the way over here!

    Have a wonderful week. :)

  9. What beautiful photos, thank you for that!

    Have a great week ahead.

  10. what a stunning world of Nature you have around you. Glad the storm passed without too much trouble. I love the photo of the long strait road you are driving along and the misty mountains. I will also be looking for some of the red/ orange plants to plant down south!! Stunning

  11. Do I EVER love to come here and look at your beautiful countryside, and your cute little boy, and especially am ITCHING to get to my crochet too! Loving the look of the green you were working on in the early iinspiring.

  12. Wonderful.
    *love and blessings to you*

  13. Love your pictures of autumn, we have to look hard, but over here there are some signs of it coming. Although the colours are not as intense, as yet.

  14. What a beautiful island to watch the season's change! Can't wait to see what new arrival you exciting! xx

  15. Love that first photo with the orange crocosmia against the dark gray stones. Beautiful!

  16. Lovely signs of Autumn. You are building up your very own Ladybird book of what to look for!
    I meant to say, I see a big change on James in the shot in your previous post. He is moving on.

  17. whenever I look at your photos of the beautiful scenes I have a real sense of the western isle is a place I am going to HAVE to go!
    So glad your all having a lovely time too. x x x

  18. So sad that your life is so miserable, no beauty, nothing to do, no one to do it with... ;)

    Isn't it fun to peek into the life another contented blessed soul? Thanks for letting me share yours.


  19. stunning photos. you make me smile and i feel warm and snuggly being inside as i look at the pictures of outdoors. i especially like the one of you driving down the road ... i feel like i'm right there in the car beside you and having my heart sigh also.

  20. A lovely, lovely Autumnal week! Love all the photos-I could go on and on! Glad to hear the storms went by and am wishing you a wonderful week!
    (Okay, I just have to say it anyway--that crocosmia photo-WOW!!!!)

  21. your blog is great! you live in a beautiful part of the world

  22. As always, another wonderful post full of gorgeous photos and words. I especially love the photo of the misty mountains. I would so love to visit your world.
    Spring is here with blossoms and booms and lengthening daylight hours, to make it perfect I would live somewhere wild and empty.

  23. Thank you all - I know I am so lucky to live here - especially on the sunny blue sky days.
    I am afraid i will have to keep you all guessing about the new arrival for a day or so...

  24. Your misty mountains are beautiful, and I love the top photo of the flower. Never have heard of that type - thanks. I'll look it up.


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