Monday, September 5, 2011

Colours of the season

The warm hues and tints of Autumn are slowly, but surely stealing over the landscape.  Even the sea-lochs are looking burnished.  I loved doing my Summer Loving posts - looking back over the past week, as we stepped out into a new one.

I am going to continue this theme every Sunday - a kind of catch all post for things I want to remember, but don't have the time or space to blog about.

Autumn is still a very busy time for us.  We have such a lot of things going on over the next few months - all of which will be shared here in more detail as we go along.
We have several sets of lovely visitors to look forward to - very exciting.  There will be some new arrivals on the croft, plans for the land and buildings as well as the house and garden.

And we have our own projects too -  finding space and time for creativity, for family, and for community.

I am making lists, and mind-maps - trying to pin down all these ideas and plans. Where to start?  Which list to tackle first?

Ah yes!  The most important thing of all.  Being out there - being in the beauty of nature - just - being!

Today, at the beach, James wanted to cover his favourite rock with shells.  Off we went with heads down searching for all the shells we could find, as quickly as we could - it is a big rock, you know!  There are plenty  of shells on this beach, and soon John and I had pockets bulging.  Then I became aware of James picking up his shells, and I stopped to watch him.

Each shell was carefully looked at, and its colour,shape or some other attribute remarked upon.  "Look at this beautiful pink one!"  "This one is like a butterfly!"  "What kind of shell is this one?  Oh see -I think the creature is still inside!"

Every tiny fragment of sea-urchin shell was exclaimed over and revered. 
He collected his shells carefully and full of presence, observing and appreciating the act of gathering

I suddenly became aware of my busy-ness - concerned only with quantity.  It is the same with all my plans and schemes for the new season.  How much can I achieve? When can I get started?

It was a lesson in pure mindfulness from a master, and one I needed to learn.
Find the joy in the gathering and again in the completion.

Whatever the colours of the season, where you are - whatever plans you may have for the next few months -

I hope you find moments of presence in there too.


  1. Such beautiful photographs as always. And a timely reminder about staying present in the moment, appreciating the task at hand. My brain has been racing today with plans and lists, too...but must not miss the beauty of right now! Blessings...

  2. Such a wonderful post. Your photos show a beautiful world, so different to my world here, but one that I peeped into many years ago and I have never forgotten it; the peace, space and strong sense of the spiritual.

    Your words also are so very special. Living in the now, being aware, is something that I have been conscious of for some time now. It is important to me that I don't get caught up in the busy-ness of life and forget how to live.

  3. In Australia our Learning Outcomes for Children Birth to 5 Years is called BELONGING, BEING AND BECOMING.
    James and his shells demonstrate all of the above. Lucky boy!


  4. Autumn toes! Very cute!

    I love the process children go through when they're working on something. The time, the patience. It's always nice to be reminded to stop and look closely at the shells. ;)

  5. Beautiful pictures and a lovely reminder to slow down and savour.

  6. what a lovely piece. the title reminded me of this ( which starts next month. your photos would fulfill the brief beautifully I imagine.

  7. i love this Jacqui, you are right when our minds become busy we become transfixed and often miss the point. thank goodness for our wise little children to guide us back to the right path ...if only we choose to listen and follow x

  8. We miss so much as adults don't we, how fortunate we are to have the children around who see everything in such detail. Loving the autumnal look!

  9. Lovely as always Jacqui. We've been enjoying wonderful hot sunny days again this week so Summer is hanging on but Autumn is really creeping in now and the colours around us are just gorgeous.

    Our little ones are really a great reminder for us to slow down and not miss things aren't they.

    Enjoy your planning and lists ;-)

  10. Thank you - I think - no- I know, that we all do know this - but sometimes we get caught up and the hurly burly. it was nice to be reminded in such a lovely way.
    Lol - Emily, Veronika = do you think there may be a theme emerging here?

  11. Thank you for the reminder- just what we needed this morning

  12. I am a total 'list maker'. with my ever growing need to achieve! I tried really hard this summer to let go and enjoy the moment, and I feel I need more of the same! Those autumn colours just look so wonderfull. x x x

  13. I am looking forward to seeing your beautiful island as it is transformed by a new season. I have a pile of lists that need to be addressed, but for today I plan on propping my feet up and getting a little knitting done!xx

  14. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.
    Much love.

  15. What a wonderful way to capture your week, and the seasons as they change, all beautiful :)
    Sue Xxx

  16. Hello Jacqui, I have very little time for blogging just now but I do try to visit you and appreciate what you write and the photos you post. Leaving a comment is sometimes more than I have time for, but I wanted to let you know that visiting you is something I look forward to when I can break away from the other competing claims on time.

  17. Gorgeous photos as always jacqui x x

  18. Hello Lovely, there is a shift isnt there? Its subtle but its there. Being so far north defines the seasons more directly I think. Lovely photos as always. Your littlie is looking bigger, he must have taken a stretch (as they say lol)

  19. Thank you all again. it is so hard not to find the beauty in the autumn landscape - it finds it;s own way into the pictures.
    Linda - so glad to have you drop by anytime - silently or not. Hope you are finding some rest and time for yourself there.
    Val - he has indeed stretched - those long lanky legs make me smile :)

    Love to you all xxxxxxx

  20. looks wonderful, can't wait to see it all xx

  21. Not wanting to wish seasons away, but wondering if there will be barefoot toenails in winter? Let's hope it's not as harsh as last year!!

  22. Lol Claire - There might just be...;)
    Denise - Looking forwward to it. James wants to take you to all the beaches, so make sure you pack your shorts. xx

  23. What a beautiful post. I particularly love the photograph of the sea-urchin fragments. Aren't children wonderful for reminding us to stay in the moment longer than we might otherwise?

    And - will you call your ongoing series "Winter Loving" or..?

    (Thank you also for your tremendously kind and encouraging comment, Jacqui.)

  24. Too true, Jacqui. So easy to forget to enjoy the journey instead of focusing on the destination.

    Wonderful landscape up there, and so much to see.

  25. First off, I have to remember to say I love the new header collage. Love the toenails. I used to do red, green and silver for the holiday season. Just a suggestion.....
    I can so relate to this Jacqui. So many projects I would like to do and learning to just be in the moment. We had a 3 day weekend here in the states, and on Sunday I kept having to remind myself, "there is nothing you need/have to do!!"
    All your photos are beautiful, but oh my, that Heath (is it?) is magnificent!
    Enjoy the rest of your week!

  26. Such wisdom. I, too, find myself caught up in the end result without enjoying the process. My three remind me daily to look and notice the small details in everything. Beautiful photos of such a wonderful landscape.

  27. the colors are so lovely! this is my favorite time of year. So much of where you are looks so similar to the muskeg over here, and yet, the cast is different.
    There is too, a different sense of time, as in history. There, people have led settled lives for millenia. Here, there were only semi-nomads until a hundred or two years ago...

    And thank you thank you for the mindfullness reminder... personally it was very timely and just what I needed to hear :-)


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