Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Yarn along 7

Joining in with Ginny today, even though have nothing on the needles.  However, Iam thrilled to report that a new yarn shop has opened in Stornoway - A Good Yarn.  One of the members of the Knit and Natter group decided to do something about our desperate need here on the Island, and she opened a shop. Lots of lovely things - yarns, notions, fabric, quilting stuff, spinning wheels - it is now a firm destination on my itinerary when I make my weekly trips into town. Now - I must really knit something....

I am still reading this book, having finally prised it away from my husband.  I am savouring it slowly, a chapter at a time.  I love it - this man just talks so much sense, about the way our food is produced and about those who are responsible for producing it.  I could go on and on for hours, quoting chunks of Mr Salatin's wisdom, but I won't - we are heading out to our local agricultural show, my husband is jingling  truck keys around, and my son is already sitting in the back. Suffice to say it is already playing a big part in our farm management strategy.
Visit Ginny at Small Things and see some real knitting.


  1. How Wonderful she opened a shop and you now have somewhere nearby to shop!! I have been bitten by the sewing bug (as opposed to crochet) and unfortunately had a very expensive lesson on Saturday. I drove over 200 miles round trip only to find the not-so-super store had discontinued the fabric section!
    Have a great time at the Ag show!

  2. Oh, oh, oh !!! THat Yarn Shop is the best news I've heard all week !!! I *so* would love to spend a day around you Stornoway gals.

  3. Talk about kid in a sweet shop, Jacqui...

    My goodie bag arrived today. Thank you so much for that. I'm halfway through the choc's already.

    I've never been to the Western Isles but I'm determined to go now!


  4. Denise initiated a wonderful wedding blanket at camp with everyone knitting something for it ;-) I'm a useless knitter, but I do appreciate the hand made creations people gift the world with ....

  5. I need to find the book you are reading for my husband! I think it would be right up his alley.
    How wonderful to have a new yarn store to visit! xx

  6. Following you from Yarn Along. I love the photographs on your blog and plan on coming back more. :) It's okay to take a wee break from knitting. Enjoy your reading!!

  7. It is totally true... necessity is the mother of invention! Well done to a fellow knitter for biting the bullet and how lovely you'll have somewhere to hide, when the household chores get too much!

    Hugs San xx

  8. Hmm this book is new to me but sounds really up my alley - thanks for the heads up - I'll be checking Amazon tonight :)

  9. Yay! How exciting to have a new yarn shop!

    I'm already hunting down other shops in my area for when my Mom visits.

  10. how super that you have a lovely yarn store nearby now. i love the name of the shop. wool is just so great. i'm not a big knitter but i would like to find time to knit more.

  11. oh! that is a new title for me, but so up my alley! gonna right it down!


  12. Joel is actually here in Australia right now doing the grand tour and talking whenever and wherever about regenerative agriculture. Just finished his "everything i want to do is illegal" book and absolutely love it. i think i might need to try lunatic farmer next!

  13. I thought I'd heard a yarn shop had opened in Sty! I'll be there in October and am looking forward to getting to the shop. Must pick up a few skeins to bring back to the USA for a project. (My Google search for the shop brought your blog up first in the list!)


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