Sunday, August 28, 2011

Summer Loving

Still August - still Summer - still loving

Beach days

Wild flowers

Messing about in old boats

or just messing about on the water.


Rain freshened mornings

new perspectives

Cloud watching.

and more beach days

So, where will the road take you this week?

This will be the last of my Summer Loving posts for this year.  The land is beginning to take on a richer hue, and Autumn is seeping in at the edges.  I have loved sharing snapshots of our Summer days with you all, and would like to thank you for joining me, and leaving such lovely comments.
I hope you have had a wonderful Summertime, and that your harvests have been joyful and abundant.
Blessings of the season to you all ♥


  1. I have thoroughly enjoyed my journey into summer-time on Lewis Island with you. Your photos are exquisite!

  2. A lovely visual close to the summer! Thank you!

  3. You've captured so much beauty--thank you for sharing! Those apples are mouth watering...
    I did a summer loving post today, too--thanks for hosting this tradition!

  4. Your landscape pics are just wonderful!

  5. I always love your photos, but these are just mesmerizing - the shells photo is just amazing! So are the apples!

  6. Lovely photos and very interesting cloud watching...hope the one on the left didn't get too close!

  7. Is that cloud photo really what I think it is?

    Lovely pictures, things are definitely turning aren't they, I think my head has just about caught up with the seasons now, so I am all ready to embrace Autumn now!

    Thank you for sharing your summer with us.

  8. Oh, oh, oh such beautiful images.
    Blessings to you also.
    Much love.

  9. How fun for James to have an old boat to play in! This is my last week of summer before lessons begin so I hope to relax just a little! xx

  10. Lovely summer pictures and I am almost ready to go into Autumn and enjoy the beauty of that season.

  11. thanks for your wonderful summer time pictures. they have been delightful! you could publish them as images of summer on an island. :)

  12. awesome photos! loved spending the summer with you :-)

  13. What a beautiful place. I miss living where the sky is so big. Lovely!

  14. What beautiful pictures. Wish I could just pack up and come visit you.

  15. Stunning! Favorite is the boat.


  16. Thank you for sharing your beautiful summer, such a delight and joy :)
    Blessings sue x
    Oh and I have been trying to PM you over on GP but my messages/posts are going astray :( Just to say that S.Elliott is my name lol

  17. Beautiful photos, very idyllic x

  18. Thank you for sharing your summer with us, it has been a great pleasure to see and read!
    Blessing to you and your loved ones and on your home, Jacqui!

  19. A beautiful blog.
    Just one question - do you have crime on your lovely island? I'm curious to know as I noticed you have a padlock on your barn which surprised me. From reading your posts I imagined the island to be a crime free place.

  20. Thanks everyone - so glad you have enjoyed the Summer series.
    Anne - Hello! There is some petty crime - not a lot tbh, and if I had taken the photo the day before / the door was left wide open to the world :) The padlock is a habit more than anything. The barn is not near the house, so we aren't looking out on it, and up until the end of April we were downing weeks at a time on the mainland, so it is just part of the routine to padlock the door at the end of the working day
    I would say, looking at the monthly assizes reports in the paper, that most crimes are driving offences or weekend drink related. Doors are still unlocked most of the time.

  21. How I would love to have Autumn seeping in. 100 degrees F in the forecast today and tomorrow. I will have to mist my newly planted cole crops in the afternoons. But next week's forecast looks more like September.


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