Sunday, August 7, 2011

Summer Loving

A busier time this week as we have been easing ourselves out of holiday mode.  We had a lovely day, midweek at the show, but otherwise we have been getting on with work around the croft.

Loving these everyday chores

picking peas

making hay while the sun shines

moving the cows on to the hill grazing.

getting ready to bring the peats home

celebrating at a post wedding barbecue in the village,  (Thankfully the newly weds have somewhere else to stay until their beautiful new house - designed and built by the groom and his father, is ready)

and cooling our feet in the ocean.

I wonder what the tide will bring in next week?

Summer is such a busy time, and so much is going on that I want to hold on to - especially now we are into August. Each Sunday I am posting a series of snapshots of things I have loved in the past week.  Those ordinary but special moments that might have gone unnoticed or forgotten  Trying to distill the love and joy from this hectic Summer season to remember with gratitude and warmth when the days are short again.


  1. Such beautiful images of your week.
    Happy days!

  2. Your weather looks better than ours, lovely post.

    Thank you

  3. Looks like it was a wonderful week! Thank you for sharing.

  4. Thank you for posting pictures of the cows..they are just beautiful! Glad to hear you are enjoying your days.xx

  5. Wonderful moments to capture and cherish, you must get your son to try and learn a musical instrument.... he has amazingly long fingers :)
    Sue Xxx

  6. The "simpleness" of your week is splendid! Such wonderful memories of your beautiful summer.

  7. your photos are just lovely! We have just been away for a week and coming home and doing everyday tasks felt so nice when we returned. Yay to summers!

  8. Congratulations on your peat stacks - they look so professional! You will so enjoy the winter warmth.
    Your photographs are really evocative- I must pay a visit soon!

  9. That house looks great, Jacqui.

    Is it difficult to get builders / materials out there? Or do most new-build islanders just sort it themselves?

  10. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  11. Thank you for those beautiful photos. I feel like I just had a wee getaway! I love the one of the newlyweds' house - great to see young people staying on the islands to raise their family.

    Enjoy this coming week!

  12. Lots of hard work but lots of joy too! What do you mean by peats? Is it for gardening? Fuel?

  13. You have to frame the first photo! And I agree with you that Summer such a busy time.

  14. I loved seeing your beautiful. And I was inspired by reading about your journey. Thanks for stopping by my blog. It's nice to connect with another Mom who has children out in the world and a little at home.

  15. Thank you all for your comments.
    It is nice to get back into the simple everyday stuff. We are off to the mainland this week though,but looking forward to getting back into things properly. Summer is a wonderful interlude. xx

    Ellen -Hello! The peat will be our Winter fuel. it is the first year we have cut peat, so not sure id it will be enough. Looking at other peoples stacks, I am not sure, so we will probably supplement with wood or coal, and work harder next year.

    Catherine - thank you - that means something coming from a Gael.

    Chris - there are plenty of builders on the island, and some pretty stunning houses are being built. it probably takes a bit longer here, but all the local guys are very busy.

    Christine - I am surprised by the amount of young folk that are here. it is good to see. x

    Kerri - Hi - yes indeed. it keeps us young and active - lol.

  16. Looks like a lovely life you lead! What a beautiful start for your newlywed friends...

  17. Wonderful, wonderful photos of your summer moments. What a wonderful world you live in.

  18. I'd love to have a framed print of that very first picture-sky and water.

  19. LOVE the look of your crofting life, I can almost smell the fresh air from your photographs.

    Much love X


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