Thursday, August 4, 2011


Wanna go to another show?  Yes? Of course you do - especially when it is the Carloway Show, held yesterday amid warm sunshine and happy crowds.

As it was the Centenary Show, we were welcomed with a piece of Aran-Cridhe (gingerbread) handed out by this lovely lady dressed in a costume from the time.  At the early shows back then, aran-cridhe was handed out to the children and would have been the only sweet or candy they were likely to taste all year.

And it was nice to see our own local music hero in attendance, happy to sign autographs and catch up with folk. Do check out his band's website above - they have a wonderful sound.

James was happy just running around the field and playing in the playground, meeting up with his friends.

So I got lots of time to study the produce entries - stunning as usual.

As was the baking and craft section.  Loving that quilt.

And John was able to study the livestock and listen to the judging - for next year maybe?

The heavy events were enjoyed by us all - Ranald Fraser (bottom) makes it all look so easy.

and even our celebrities are not too grand to have a go.

There were childrens' events - although I do think this lot on the end were kidding themselves a bit

Mind you - the opposition didn't let them off lightly.

The final competition of the day was the Maide Leasg (pr. maji leash - tr. lazy stick).  This is a trial of strength, first used as a Highland Games event at the early Carloway shows.   Great fun.

And James and I had our artwork entered in the show too.  A second and third for me - which I was very pleased at, since the competiton is always very keen here.  James put in a picture of The Titanic striking the iceberg. He didn't win, ( the category was for under 8 years) but he had a lovely comment from the judge praising his brushwork and use of two colours.

All in all a lovely day that just hit the mark.  Latha math, as the song goes.


  1. This looks like a fabulous day out for the whole family, I think the produce and craft entries look amazing, well done for your 2nd and 3rd :)
    Sue Xxx

  2. This looks amazing and unique, I've always lusted after this type of life.... how amazing you can actually live it! The veg looks particularly gorgeous and all 3 art entries look fantastic :o)

    Amanda xx

  3. Looks like a wonderful day for everyone on the island.
    Gorgeous photo's and memories.

  4. Looks like a great time was had by all! And the weather held up, too. Enjoyed the music vid too. Sound like a good band. And was that Phil Cunningham on keyboards in the final shots? Sure looked like him, a fine player!

  5. Oh wow, how I love shows. I am off to one this weekend ( this forecasted as very wet weekend )!
    Lovely artwork by James , and your photographs too.
    Much love.

  6. what beautiful veg!!!

    congrats on yours and James' art entries....he was in a tough category to be sure, so it's encouraging to get a mention from the judge...;)


    looks to be a lovely way to spend the day...


  7. We drove back from Aberystwyth to Cwmcarn yesterday and passed many show posters-spoilt for choice, this month!)

  8. Blessed with good weather, what's better than a show?
    Congratulations on your photo success - another career opportunity?
    Do you know the joke about the weather and the Keith show? i.e. Keith in Banffshire, in a cold corner of north east Scotland: During WW2, a couple of soldiers from the Keith area are slogging through the North African desert, under a searing sun. One says to the other, 'D'ye ken fit day it is the day? (do you know what day it is today?). 'No', says the other. 'It's the Keith show'. Silence for a bit as they trudge onwards. Then the second one says, 'Weel, they're gettin' a gran' day for't' (Well, they're getting really good weather for it)

  9. I just love your blog. I love learning about different cultures. My family is from there so it's neat for me to see where my families roots are. They came here in the mid 1800"s. Came to Virginia first, then moved west.

  10. It looks like the county fairs here in Kansas, except we don't have the games. Sometimes a carnival and a competition or two for the youngsters, but not anything usually for adults. That would be a great addition.

  11. You have such great shows over there. There's nothing like that here anymore that I know of anyway. Congrats. on your wins. And temps. get to 40-45 here in summer!

  12. It all looks like so much fun!

    Congrats on your 2nd and 3rd placement, and congrats to James and his painting! I certainly enjoy it. :)

  13. I do wish we did something like that here. It looks like ya'll have a good time. Congrats on the ribbons! xx

  14. You certainly know how to enjoy festivals in your area! Our county fair is next week and we are preparing.

    My daughter and I enjoyed the song. What TALENT. An amazing assortment of instruments and his voice... beautiful.

    Blessings, Debbie

  15. Great month for shows around here too.

    That local produce looked fab...

  16. Thanks for sharing (I was hoping you would). Love all the photos-the produce and of the games! I would be completely entranced!
    Congrats to both you and James on your art entries!
    Love the music too!

  17. It was fun to share your lovely day, thanks. Also really enjoyed the music.

  18. What a superb fair. Amazing talent with the crafts (makes me feel lazy) fantastic vegetables, all wonderfully presented. Congratulations with your photos. It looks like a really great community day - good weather too. Love the song.

  19. What a wonderful part of the world you live in; I would love to visit a show like this! I have enjoyed catching up on your past postings.

  20. So excited to find your blog! I dream of living in the Hebrides some day. Looking forward to reading more.

  21. Thank you all - so nice to share the day with you. The show season is almost over here now, so it's back to work.
    I am glad you enjoyed the music. Those boys are just so talented. Iain - that was indeed Phil Cunningham. I believe he produced there first album - well worth a listen to.
    Linda - yes I had heard that joke, although the location of the event was different.
    Mary - how interesting to hear about your ancestors. A lot of folk from here would have landed up in Virginia and
    moved out west. I am very keen on genealogy and can
    go on at length about family trees.
    Hi Laurie - welcome along. Glad you enjoyed your visit.

  22. What a fun day! The quilt and the veggies were impressive (and your photos). Music was impressive -- going to check out the recording. The show looks similar to the county fairs around here, although without the physical competitions.



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